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Hi! Yes, I agree that it helps to be able to talk freely to someone about these concerns and be able to ask any question(s). Plus get some insight from another's experience, although each person's experience will be slightly different.

I apologize if I caused you any worry about an LP. I just wanted to give you a heads-up about it so if they do mention doing one, you won't be intimidated. I was until I had the procedure. I don't want to jump on the table and volunteer for any, but if I had to do that again, I wouldn't fret it. And I know now how to avoid the headache. Lay flat for 24 hours. The neuro's are trained well and very gentle. It goes very smooth. The neuro had an assistant with her and during the withdraw of spinal fluid, we were all telling jokes, talking about favorite clothes, shopping, our family, and inane stuff. :)

I haven't had an EEG, but have had an EKG to rule out heart involved with eye's blood clotting problem. Heart good! :D

This is personal so you don't have to answer this question to me but to yourself. Is there a family hx of miscarriage? If so, read about APS which is Antiphospholipid Syndrome, aka Hughes Syndrome, which causes "Sticky Blood."
Have any of your lab tests been for cardiolipin and Lupus Anticoagulant (LA). (LA is not a lupus lab test, it is just called that. ) There are a host of symptoms and the individual doesn't have to have all of them to have APS. It mimics the symptoms of MS too. If you had the labs were they negative? APS is treatable with warfarin and according to healthboard research, it gets rid of the headache immediately.

Keep track of your headaches. The headache information that is helpful to the neuro is as follows:

* time (start and end)
*method(s) to abort pain: i.e., NSAIDS, narcotics, RX drug, OTC, toughed it out
*Trigger: food/weather-barometric pressure/smoke**/sleep disruption/physical activity
*Area of head pain
* Type of pain: i.e., dull, sharp, throbbing, stabbing
* Neurological symptoms: tingling, numbness in limbs, face,
* temple pain? both or one
* trigeminal nerve pain
* pressure/pain when chewing food?
*scalp tender? Swollen blood vessels on scalp?
* visual disturbances?
*Auras? How long last (standard 20 minutes)?

I had a chiropractor who too was absolutely ethical and gave me excellent treatment. Very gentle. After his departure, I was left to use others in the area who were okay, except for one in particular. He was a bully. Too rough, dominant, and his staff were rude. I became aware that neck manipulations could damage arteries in the neck and damage spinal nerves. My GP warned me to avoid the chiro just for that reason--risk of damaging nerves in neck & spine. So I've heeded his warnings. I know what it is like to have the support of a chiro, and if the one I admired and felt comfortable with was still in the area, I would still see him for minor adjustments & massage therapy. But, I would decline any offer to adjust my neck. He always asked first before touching my neck and respected my response. He too was excellent about always working within his scope of practice by referring me out to the appropriate physicians when necessary.

Doesn't that amaze you that a doc in the same practice asks duplicate questions! It makes one wonder if they communicate with each another, but I think it is a safeguard for them to be sure of the following:

1) They are talking to the right patient
2) They are talking to the right patient about the right symptoms, and,
3) They want to hear the patient's story to see if it matches what they were told before actually meeting the patient, and if there is anything different or new the patient has to add to that story.

That is just my opinion so they don't walk into the room, greet the patient, and begin talking about a horrific condition to discover they are talking to the wrong individual who they have scared enough to seek an attorney's counsel! :eek:

I'm glad your form asks for the current symptoms, etc., because that is important for the neuro to have the whole picture. Well, your getting your research done ahead of time and appears you are preparing well!

Well, going to check on hubby. He's under the weather with that stinkin' flu but seems to be getting better because he wants cake! Yummy! Talk to you soon! :p

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