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I totally forgot that I didn't fill you in on my EEG. That just goes to show you where my memory has gone. :D

I had to have it at the hospital as an outpatient. We (my mom and I) ended up going to the wrong place, but it was no big deal. We really belonged across the street from where we originally went. It's weird here. We have one hospital that has two parts...and they're not directly next to each other. We went to the place that says Outpatient EEG really, really big on the sign outside. Lo and behold, we went to the wrong place. But of course! It says Outpatient EEG on the sign outside, but on the inside it's a night club.

I signed in at the hospital, got an arm band and everything, and the lady who did the EEG came and got me for the test. It does take about an hour. Most of the time; however, was spent marking my head and face with blue X's and actually applying the electrodes. She got me comfortable in a reclining chair and then marked my head and face with a blue marker. Then, she scrubbed my head with something where she made the marks. She told me it was so the electrodes would make better contact with my skin (I have extremely thick hair that's on the coarse side.). She started out with about 10 on my head, one on each cheek (to monitor eye movement) and one on my left upper chest (to monitor my heart). They're stuck on with a glue-like stuff that resembles very sticky hair gel. That was the worst part because it was cold and it irritated my sensitive skin (ITCHY!). Then, she started recording for a few minutes. She had me breathe deep and fast for 3 minutes. That was hard. I didn't expect it to be that hard. At some point during that ordeal, she started typing in her computer furiously and then applied about 12 more electrodes, all the while I'm struggling to do what I was told. That was the longest 3 minutes in my life.

So, now my head's covered COMPLETELY with colored wires (LOL! You would've gotten a kick out of me!). She just had me lay there for 15 minutes while she recorded. I had to be quiet with my eyes closed. At one point, I realized that I was beginning to fall asleep and was starting to dream...she didn't say not to fall asleep and I hadn't slept much the night before so I let myself fall asleep more. Then, suddenly and VERY LOUDLY: "Dr. Manly, 7570. Dr. Manly, 7570!" I didn't wake up, but had one of those things where you feel like you're falling and snap back, so to speak. Then I woke myself up and just sat there thinking about stuff (actually, doing math problems in my head LOL).

Then came the fabulous flashing lights of doom. They flash a light that goes faster and faster each time for 10 seconds on and 10 seconds off. Then, at the very end, there's more of a delay and then one single flash, like a camera flash. I've always had problems with strobe lights. This time, it felt like my stomach lurched each time the light would come on. It got worse (stronger) the faster the light flashed. The slowest flashing light only made my stomach muscles tighten a little, no pain, just like trying to "suck it in". The fastest one felt more like getting kicked in the gut and lasted for a few moments after the light went off. It wasn't one big long pain, but more like a rhythmic on-then-off pain and tightness that would come in waves, start out mild, peak really bad, then end mild.

After the flashing lights, she recorded for 5 more minutes and then I was done. I didn't have any major seizures there. I had what the neuro said was probably a myoclonic seizure a few years ago after having a bath that was maybe too hot. I should've known...there were warning signs. I haven't had a bath since that. I can't go in hot tubs or saunas. I have to really watch how hot I take my showers and stay alert for warning signs. I haven't had a bad one since that, but I've gotten close, not knowing that hot tubs and saunas had the same effect. Basically, heat sets me off. Now that I know, I try not to get too hot. :D

She did know the results right away, but she wasn't allowed to tell me! It was weird, when I asked the neuro if he'd call me with the results, he kept insisting I call him. Hmmm. I even asked that, if something was really amazingly wrong, would he call me? He said that I should call a few days after the EEG for the results. I wonder why he's so insistent I call him?

I don't even know what the worst thing an EEG can detect. I asked the lady who did my test if it ever made her mad that she couldn't tell people about their EEG. She said sometimes yes, but usually no because she doesn't have to be the bearer of bad news. All she said about me, after I probed a bit, was: "You have a very....ummm....ACTIVE....brain." with a shy laugh.

I haven't called about the results yet. I will tomorrow and let you know. Nobody's said anything about further testing yet. I have an actual followup appointment on 2/2. The doc said I could call him anytime with questions and to just talk, or to talk about possible physical therapy (gait training, balance training, maybe?) or treatment for the headaches. He seems like a good guy, but I almost always get the feeling that I might never find out what's going on.

I have to get up early tomorrow to go to school and pay tuition and get my books. Oh, the joy of crowds, crowds, and more crowds trying to get into one tiny building at the same time. FUN! :D But what I'm really looking forward to is the public speaking class I'm taking this semester. *cringe*
Now I can sound like a good Southerner and say: Howdy, y'all!


I've been getting more work than usual and school is in full swing, although I had a snow day this past Tuesday! :) I've been a little busy.

I've never heard of pars planitis. I'm not sure if my eye dr. has heard of it, either. LOL I should print out literature for these docs and maybe I'd get somewhere faster. :)

I just went to the orthopedist (foot and ankle specialist) on Wednesay. I started having really bad ankle pain (like where your foot meets your ankle on the top) as well as locking a few years ago. It started out locking and painful once in a while. It has progressed to where I can't walk through a supermarket without having to get totally off the ankle. The dr was a really nice guy. They finally got weightbearing x-rays, which only makes sense because my pain is on weight bearing (ok, so rarely it will throb at rest). I have a few problems contributing to the pain:

Severe ligamentous laxity. I can basically voluntarily dislocate all of my joints and I can bend my joints backwards almost all the way. He said that it's rare to see that at my age.
I also might have a vascular problem because my legs from knees down are purplish and have very slow capillary refill. He pressed on my foot and the skin was still white at the end of my visit (15 minutes or so).
The ligament problem has caused my left heel to turn outward. This is causing my Achilles tendon to shrink and get tight. Also, it's making my ankle bones crush and deform structures in my midfoot.

He actually wants me to see a geneticist to rule out any genetic syndromes because, according to him, I'm an "interesting case" and am very suspicious for a syndrome. He was keeping in mind my Dursban exposure, too.

Long story short, a brace won't help, like I had hoped it would. It won't help because of my Achilles tightness. When you correct my heel alignment, my foot won't bend up at all. So, no brace.

I have to have ankle/foot surgery this summer. Probably in May when this semester is over. I'm looking at an Achilles tendon lengthening and some kind of fusion. We haven't discussed surgery at length because he basically gave me the two options, just tendon lengthening and wearing a corrective brace forever with the potential for failure of the correction OR tendon lengthening with fusion and no long-term brace with much less chance of failure of correction. Choice B has a longer recovery time: 3 months nonweightbearing and then 6 to 9 partial weight bearing.

I think Choice B, even though it has a longer recovery period, is more sensible because the chance of having to have more surgery sounds less likely.

I still have to call him and tell him I'm interested in surgery. I'm still trying to process this. He explained why conservative treatment wouldn't be effective and my mom and I do think surgery is necessary.

If I don't have surgery, he told me:

I already have arthritis in that ankle. I have moderate to severe changes in the joints. If I let it go for even 2 years, I could have such bad arthritis that it would warrant a joint replacement, which they don't do until the age of 50.
The heel would continue to turn outward and the foot would continue to "sink", which would cause the tendon to continue to shorten. If it continued to do that for, he thinks, two or three more years, it would be inoperable.
He also thinks the arteries and veins are being crushed in my foot, cutting off circulation. If it continued on the path it has gone down over the years, a progressively getting worse path, I might risk losing part or all of the foot. He already said he can't feel any pulses in my ankles or feet (both sides) so he's getting vascular studies done, too.

So there's my latest scoop. I'm still with spots and headaches. Oh, the joy of it all. My chiropractor is very concerned about the headaches; feels like I'm being strangled at what feels like where the spine and brain meet. He said to call him immediately if I have another, which is impossible because I get slurry and stupid when I get those headaches. Ha ha. They make me sound somewhat drunk. :D :D :D I'm supposed to see the neuro on Monday morning.

Good things have happened recently! One of my former teachers nominated me for something in the paper here. Some kind of "Who's Who" thing. I took the college placement test today because I want to apply for radiography. I had to re-take it because, when I took it three years ago, I didn't score high enough in algebra to apply for radiography. So, I retook it today. I hope I did better in algebra this time. I love geometry, but algebra sucks (as most bras do. hee hee). I'll know if I scored high enough on Monday.

No more sick hubby! No no no! That's just not acceptable. I'll bet Orlando Bloom and Keanu Reeves don't get sick. :D Heehee just teasing! Hopefully, now that he has some medicine, his illness won't come back as easily. When you got hives, were you taking anything? If not, it could have been just your immune system reacting to whatever is invading it. Probably a histamine reaction or something. Just watch out for a red rash on your hands, face, chest, or belly. Not blotchy, hivey looking stuff, but an angry red rash.

I get hives and blotchy rashes when I'm sick, too. I get hives and blotchy rashes from everything, though! You guys start feeling better! NOW! :D

I'd better go to bed before I write a novel. I'm already breaking the rules: putting ortho stuff on the neuro board! GASP! :D
Hi Devrha!

Isn't this funny that we all have these vision problems and trying to read and gather as much info as we can! :) That's great that you found some good books. It seems that for almost a year now all my interests are in medical and eye subjects. The eye is so interesting. What a time to try and review the anatomy! :D

I know what you mean about the Ibprofin (that's good enough). I was told if I used it that it would counteract the aspirin. So I've avoided it and glad now since you say its ineffective. I'm hoping that the 3 pills of neurontin (for some reason my brain wants to spell that as "nerve rotten") will be sufficient.

Had another good day. Low pain and low swelling feeling. This is the best it has ever been so I'm keeping activity low still to ensure complete recovery. The neurol-ophthalmologist agreed to keep activities low (no bending, lifting, no strenuous activities) After this is behind , I [I]want to[/I] swim an olympic pool and work out on all the gym equipment! :D

Keep in touch! :)

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