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[QUOTE=CrazyCatLady]I just got forms from the neuro's office today. I've filled most of them out and I'm supposed to mail them back so they have them before my appointment. The forms so far aren't very specific. They ask a lot about family history, prior problems, meds, review of systems, etc. No real depth into neurological symptoms yet, but maybe they don't ask that right away.

My spelling blunder was purely a typo. I'm a gud speler. I sware.[/QUOTE]

Hi! Those sound like typical forms but they didn't ask what are your present complaint(s)? Somewhere on their form? A question like what is the purpose of the visit, blah, blah, blah? When I went to the neuro-ophthal/surgeon, Retinal Specialist and arthritis doc they had these forms too. Hubby completed them for me but read each question aloud to get my responses. Usually first question was to the affect of why are you here? or What are current complaints? Do they have a "remarks" where you can inform them these are my current symptoms and then list them?

The physician is going to review this form prior to seeing you, and hopefully, all of your relevant medical records that were faxed or mailed to him prior to the visit. So the physician should be prepared about your case before walking into the room to greet you. :p

Don't be surprised or offended if the neuro asks why you are there. Each doc I was referred to, including the very specialized neuro-surgeon/ophthalmologist, asked me personally "why I was there." I diplomatically informed them of the specific purpose(s), reminding them of my doc's referral and their telephone conversation(s), and my need.

Take a list of questions that you can think of, and don't be shy about asking anything while you are there. This time has been set aside for you and the neuro.

Remember they see a lot of patients with horrific conditions, but don't let them downplay yours whatsoever. This is affecting your vision adversely, disrupting your young life, and remind them you are only 19 years old. You want to find the cause to have it treated and resolved, por favor! [B]Ask him if there's anything in your records or on the forms list you can clarify for him.[/B]

Based on the neuro's findings, there may be a referral to another kind of specialist, i.e., rheumatologist or endocrinologist or pulmonary specialist, again, depending on the findings.

I have been to three different specialized physicians and I haven't received a dx yet with regards to why I have the eye problem or other symptoms. My body hasn't given them the "standard" clues, nor has the gazillion dollar workup!
I haven't given up yet.

Oh! And I wanted to give you an FYI. If the neuro decides to check your spinal fluid and sets you up for a spinal tap, aka Lumbar puncture (LP). There is no anesthesia but I did very, very well--and I'm just not up for needles ( :eek: ) ever. (Pass!)

I believe I did so well because prior to having the procedure, I had eaten scrambled eggs which have tryptophan, a calming relaxer. When on the surgery table waiting for my neuro to come in, I felt the typtophan kick in. Instead of nervousness, I was relaxing. It was so helpful! My neuro even commented on how relaxed and how well I was doing all through the procedure. I definitely attribute that to the tryptophan. (I could take a nap after eating eggs or a turkey sandwich! And my smart husband knew that so fixed me eggs before the scheduled procedure. What a genius!) :cool:

If you have one (LP) done, you'll need a driver and to keep flat on your back for 24 hours, and inactive all week. No twisting, bending. You will need to be sure that you don't disturb the blood patch where the needle was inserted to withdraw the fluid. If that is disturbed, then you have to see the doc for repair. Walking around after the procedure, you will get a headache that will last a week or more and it is a killer! I did get the headache because at first I was okay. I only got up for essential reasons, if you know what I mean! But if I ever have this again, I will avoid getting up for 24 hours. --Bring me the food--and I'll hold the water! If you have an LP, and they don't give you an RX for the headache pain, be sure to have a phone no. you can reach this doc for emerg call to get an RX.

Wouldn't it be nice if the neuro could review the form with past hx and current symptoms indicated, review your med record, see you personally, put it all together and come up with the cause! That's the goal. Hope it happens! :wave:

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