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We had Christmas dinner with friends of ours. They're coming over on New Year's Eve, too. So, if you wanna know where the wild, naked, drinking party is going to be, head in the direction of my house! Well, maybe minus the DRINKING part... :D ha HA!

I've been to a rheumatologist. They did do a sed rate test. It was either high or low, I can't remember. Also I was told I have a positive ANA. I wondered more about intracranial hypertension when I read that one of the indicators is evidence of infection, and we already know what my blood work has revealed since September.

It seems, from what I've read about the neuro I'm seeing, that they have in-house labs, EEG, EMG, MRI, CT scan, and x-ray, so I think I'll be set in that department. Not sure where he'd refer me to other than maybe a hematologist or endocrinologist. I just hope I get somewhere this time! I hope he's more compassionate than some of the other seemingly exaspirated doctors I've met with recently.

I was just up all night with a long edit, so I'm going to go to that place thingy where I close my eyes and... *falls asleep on keyboard* WHOA...sorry! *thinking...* BED! I'm going to go to bed. Yeah, that's it. :)

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