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i am 15 years old and iam in good shape but for the last 2 months i have a had a constant headache. it is at the front of my head specifically and does not let up. i seem to b sensitive to bright lights and stading up too quickly causes me to feel extremely light headed and dizzy. i have also started to lose my balance which is extrememly uncommon for me. every now and again i feel terribly nauseous (sp?) although iam not sure if this is connected.
i have been to a neurologist and had a CT scan which was clear she then forwarded me to an opthamologist (sp?) who has said he cant find anything in my eyes which could cause this kind of pain.
however something he did find were yellow nodules on my eyes which he said related to a birthmark i have on my side and asked if i had any freckles on my underarms which i have now noticed. when i asked what all this means i was simply told that i may have a condition (i dont know the name) that causes lesions on my brain.
iam very very worried and will not know anything for another week when i visit my neurologist again so i was wondering if anyone can tell me if they know anything about my headaches or this lesion thingie? i know its really weird thing to ask but i would really appreciate if u could tell me anything at all.

thank you[/QUOTE]

Was just wondering if they checked you for vertigo or did a ct-scan of the head to check for retention cysts in the sinus cavities. Vertigo will cause dizziness, upset stomach, off balance, etc. If it is vertigo, it can be treated and you need to take special care when changing positions (lying to sitting etc.). Just move slowly. I had a ct-scan done 2 years ago because I had chronic sinus infections and the pain was in the front of my head and face. I Would even get pain in my ears. I have a retention cyst in my sinuses...which I went to an ear nose and throat specialist and they put my on FLONASE nasal spray. It has really helped with the pain and pressure. As far as the lesion goes always get a second opinion unless you completely trust and believe the first. GOOD LUCK :wave:

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