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I have the same symptoms...they started last march...I felt like I was fainting but I didn't faint ,my body was really numb and I had an internal vibration, I was shaking too. I had to go to ER and the doctor told me that it could be MS but I had 2 ct scan to my brain and 1 MRI to the brain and it was all negative...the I felt good for the summer and in september I start to fell stiff specially in the neck and upper back area..and a headache everyday, numb again and cold in the hands, they shake and vibrate too...the doctors don't understand me!! they did all the blood tests and they are all good!!! some doctors told me that it's all stress or anxiety...I don't think so...finally last sunday night i had another MRI..I don't know the results yet but I keept in contact with the neurologist the saw me in the ER,and she is make me do all these tests!!! I don't sleep in the night anymore...i'm getting really sad!!!
Hi my mom has had some of the symptoms you describe here and no doctor has been able to diagnose her so far.

She gets 3 different scenarios of symptoms:
a) Stiffness in her right foot, followed by a burning sensation up to her knee and then high blood pressure
b) Tingling of her right foot, especially her 3 middle toes, in parallel her right hand starts tingling also 3 of her fingers. Then a sensation of weak knees and overall a fainting feeling. Dizziness, her body movements slow down. She feels a very heavy head.
c)As an additional after effect she gets a tingling head in the front or back.
After each of these attacks she feels a bad stomach, burping reflex.
Panic episodes come too after or during these attacks.
She was diagnosed with a hyperthyroid, and is taking some medication for it. But the symptoms do not disappear.

She has had cardio tests and brain scans, nothing came out. Could it be multiple sclerosis? What about epilepsy, or a compressed nerve in her back?
Any other possible conditions?
hi hun hope htis helps i started 5 years ago fainting bumping into things which then lead me not wanting to go out and when i did i had panic atacs incase i showed myself up by ending up on the floor, i even wondered if the imlplants i had were poisoning me i have had every test imagianable and lost faith in doctors i have struggled on until now i have started with uncontrollable limbs sweating at niight, pins and needls in my fingers,and throbbing veins i got so low i decided on a song to be played at my funeral,i got teary just looking at my children, talked to my husband in past tense when telling him how to do simple cooking when on his own, then after stumbling whilst out christmas shopping i was determuined not to have a panic attack and breathe even though my head was swimming and blackness was coming over me i made it home and broke down this was an existance of life and so unfait i knew i wasnt going mad my husband got me to the doctors and i explained everything it was a new doctor blood tests reveild abnormaly high platelets my symptoms sound the same as yours look it up on the net and see what you think i pray to god this helps you get your life back even if its not this it gives you another direction to try,take care and you know what keep smiling we are none of us perfect feels better to know that we all have our blips \get a blood test done and good luck xxx

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