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[QUOTE=munchkin&giant]erm ok i just been told i have intracranial hypertension. i have to have a lumbar puncture, and then medication. all the docs told me was that it means the spinal fluid was causing pressure in my brain.

can anyone give me anymore details? iam absolutely terrified.[/QUOTE]

Hi there! :wave: Welcome to the Board! Sorry you are experiencing this condition.

Are you being prescribed acetazolamide or Diamox?

The medication is prescribed to help reduce the swelling. It is a diuretic so is helpful if weight loss is recommended by your physician. Be sure to inform them of any side affects. There may be a metal taste and food will taste different. That's normal with that drug. It causes dry mouth. Biotene products (toothpaste, mouthwash, and gum) at Wal-mart or your local pharmacy help with dry mouth. Dry mouth can cause cavities and other problems.

The lumbar punctures are to help reduce the CSF fluid. What is happening is your spinal fluid pressure surrounding your brain is too high and causing headaches and other symptoms. Have you been experiencing visual disturbances, any dizziness, nausea, ringing in ears? Have you had any trauma, any adrenal gland problems, been on some medication? Some meds. can cause it to occur. There is a host of causes and if you can discern the cause and treat it aggressively, that will help to alleviate the PTC. If cause unknown, then it is referred to as Idiopathic.

The prognosis is likely good for recovery. Some go into remission and some have relapses. Individuals with PTC may appear okay but this can be a disabling condition for some. A series of lumbar punctures, the drug is the treatment. There is an optic sheath fenestration procedure if that is necessary. Blindness can occur so it is very serious to get proper treatment right away. Sounds like you are getting that and that you physicians are on the ball getting you diagnosed. Neuro-ophthalmologist is usually the specialist to treat this.

Will be thinking about you! Keep in touch. Hope you get more responses! There are others on the board that are experiencing this too. See BLYNN's posts.

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