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[[I]QUOTE=Matthew Silver]In the past 4 days on the right part of my neck it feels like something is clogged or swollen. At the sametime I'm haveing weird blood rushing sensations and sometimes slight headaches on the right part of my head. If I have something bothering me on the right part of my head shouldn't I feel tingling on the left side of my face? And should I be able to feel blood clogging in my ateries? I've never heard of anybody actually feel blood clogging. No serious symptoms of pain. The sensations are strange to me though (freaking me out a little) because I've never felt them before.[/QUOTE][/I]

Hi Matthew... :wave:

I cannot help you with an answer as to [B][I]why [/I] [/B] you are feeling the disconcerting blood rushing sensations but... I can tell you that I have that same problem too as of late and often...mostly when I'm laying down at night or take a nap. Propping my head up high with pillows helps me some and not laying my head directly on my ears helps too. Have you seen a doctor re: this? I am in that process - will be seeing a neurologist the 29th and have seen a rheumatogist also tho I'm not so sure that a hemotolgist is in order or maybe just a good neck massage..!

Do you have high blood pressure? Does this happen to you when upright or laying down or both? Is it nonstop (if is- I personally recommend seeing a doctor asap esp. with the neck feeling and if you are young) Mine is not nonstop but often for the last couple of months. It may just be something as simple as tensed muscle in your neck too... putting pressure on the blood vessels... But always good to have checked out.. right!

Do you ever have a pounding pressure at the top your head and/or your temples with this? I do... and I agree with you - it is "freaky". I am not "old" by any means but pushing the 50 year mark.

Just some thoughts... hope it helps.... Take care and I hope you post again after you see a physician...! If you do before the 29th... I could get some ideas too... :D


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