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I am still without a diagnosis but suffer from nerve related pain in my feet, legs, hands and arms and also have a very stiff neck. In the daytime the leg and foot pain is more of a numb cold feeling but at night it turns to hot and burning. I could set the clock each night at what time my symptoms change. I had Bell's Palsey at age 38 and neuralgia like pain for many years prior to 2001.

I have had a normal MRI, EMG to foot and leg and to right arm. I had a rash around my waist before my symptoms started. I had foot drop in the fall of 2001 and still have not been able to walk normally. For some reason, the arch on my left foot is higher than my right, which causes me to lean to the right and affects my balance. Prior to my foot drop, I was very active phyically and had no health problems except my chronic allergies, which I have had for years. If one arch had been higher than the other, I would have noticed it much before this.

I was wondering if menopause could have affected my immune system somehow and brought on these symptoms. My hands and fingers are constantly numb and my fine motor skills are affected. I am extremely sensitive to bright lights or sudden noises. My reaction is to scream very loudly and my heart feels like it jumped out of my chest. It is very embarrassing as I have no control over it. My speech is also affected at times, when I either slur my words, have problems with word finding, say things backwards or stutter by repeating the first word about five times. Some days I am better than others but generally I live with chronic pain & numbness 24/7 with no explanation but the symptoms seem to be progressive. I have seen two neuros and one thought that I was simply depressed. I have seen a psychiartrist and a mental health worker who certified that I didn't suffer from any mental illness or depression and my cognitive ability was not impaired. My mother died of a brain aneurysm at age 48 and MS runs in her side of the family.

I take Neurontin to help the pain and one Ampytripline pill before I go to bed. I toss and turn all night as the pain is worse at night and I have pillows all over the place to support my leg and arm. I must support my leg at all times as it aggravates the pain. I attend Pool and Joint Works classes as sponsored by the Arthritis Foundation and I go to fitness classes three times a week. It helps with the stiffness and my range of motion but has not altered or helped my pain or walking.

The neuro first thought I may have a lesion on my upper motor neuron because of my hyper reflexes and the decreased tone in my legs and arm. However, since the MRI in 2002 was clean and both EMG's I don't have a name for my problems, nor can I receive any treatment. Pernicious Anemia runs in my mother's family so I asked for B12 injections, even though they say my B12 levels were normal. My younger brother is also having foot and leg problems and they first suspected Charcot Marie Tooth but since then they found a bulging disk in his spine to account for his problems. He doesn't have the other problems that I do with numbness, stuttering, etc. Since I have four children and six grandkids, I am more concerned about their future and whether this may be a genetic disease. I am 56 and used to be an administrative assistant but cannot work in a busy office because of my impaired walking, fine motor skills and hypersensitivity to light and normal noise. I would like to hear from others with similar sypmtoms and problems.

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