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Very weird Feeling
Feb 3, 2004
About 3 weeks ago, i had an slight case of allergic pink eye. I took some medication that was given to my one year old girl and had asked if I was able to take it since I have the infection as well. They said "Yes" it is common presription for pink eye. Took that and noticed that the next day had a huge headache. Took med and felt a little better. Had aches in head for about 4 days and then went to Eye doctor and had them look at my eyes thinking it was a precript prob with my glasses. Then still had headaches with the med they gave me as a steril for my eye. Pain seemed to go away. (Let me remind you) The pain of the headaches on a scale from 1-10 are/were a 4-5 maybe even less sometimes on the top portion of my scalp and by the ears. I too have thought nothing about it till i typed constant headaches and came up with tension headaches and Brain Tumor. I have since seen the dr.and he says there is nothing major going on with me and all I have is tension headaches or a slight migraine.

This is still not calmed my nerves. I have read all the symtoms of a tumor and the only one that I can think that is applicable to me is the Headaches in the morning. I think this is from the tension that I have built up thriugh the day and when I sleep. I start having the headaches around 30 to 45 minutes after awaking.


Now I have been seeing chiropractor and she had been seen improvement. Then all ofa sudden I had notice a huge pain in the back of the head almost like the upper neck. I had noticed that I have gotten a little nausea and upset stomach and bowel movement. I then proceeded to put some icy hot on my neck not knowing that it was a possible sprain. This made things not really worse but prolonged it. This was the worst I have felt in a long time. I then called the DC and her sec. told me that the warmth was not a good idea witha sprain. I then took her advise in putting a ziplock of Ice cubes and leaving that on the neck for about 20 minutes. Well the neck is feeling better but a little pain and still get a little lightheaded :dizzy: and upset stomach.

My question is -- Could this all be mental, due to the adjustment or even worse a TUMOR.

btw.... I am VERY SCARED

If someone has something to say or comment please do so.


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