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I have been having the following symptoms for a long time. They come and go.

1) Head pressure on top of my head, like someone is pushing down on my head

2) Pressure in my sinus areas in my cheeks and forehead

3) Headaches on one side of my head, sides do change, but mostly on my right side

4) Neck and brain feel like it vibrates like a cell phone vibration

5) When typing on the computer, letters get mixed up sometimes

My fear is that this could be an anuerysm or tumor. I hope it is just a sinus/allergies issue. I see a neuro this Thursday, but was wondering if anyone else may have had something similar and could let me know if it is anything serious. I know that is basically impossible without imaging of the brain being done.

I DO NOT want to have a lumbar puncture though. If anyone can shed some light, please do so, to ease my fears of Aneurysm or Tumor.


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