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So to cut it short a 55lb weight ( I am around 135lb )was dropped onto my head clipping me on the way down, on the back of the head. It had anywhere from 12inches to 2inches to accelerate I couldn't be sure...

I got up no blurryness, no dizzyness, no loss of vision, didn't black out. I only had a bit of a headache when I was going to bed. I doubt I even got a mild concussion. The doctor has told me he sees no signs of brain damage.

I may sometimes forget something I was going to do and remember it again in 2-3 seconds. Everytime I workout I get a bit of a pulsing headache. My blood pressure was 105/62 so I don't know if my low blood pressure is causing this. When I am with friends socializing I forget about all these and feel fine even when I am doing school work at school I feel great and can concentrate good. Its just when I am at home and have nothing to do I feel screwed. Sometimes loose concentration and get a bit paranoid/have anxiety.

I just dont know whats wrong...if there is anything wrong...?

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