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[QUOTE=Dodge]Thanks for all the information that you all gave me. This is Dodge's wife writing you back. I wish my headaches were caused by everything you wrote, but i have thought of them questions too and none of that stuff triggers my headaches. I went to the dentist when they first started to see if that was my problem and my teeth are in great condition. I have tried allot of different medications to see if they might help, but they didn't. I have been taking Amitriptyline for 4 years now and they help with the fibro instead of the headaches. The doctors are puzzled about. I have been checked for diabetes and lopus, and all the other stuff that may cause headaches. Everything has come back ok. I am glad my husband had posted this on the internet because you all have gave me something to think about and gave me some questions to ask my neurologist next time i see him. If you all can think of anything else or know someone that may can help me, Please post it.[/QUOTE]

Where are the headaches located specifically? I understand they happen when you are in a reclined position but where are they felt? In the eye, back of the head, ears, temples, face? Where? Is it a pulse pain, pinching, flash or constant? Does it migrate? When did they start and how frequent are they? Are you keeping a journal?

I understand the dentist ruled out dental issues but how is your bite orthodontically speaking? Do you have an occluded bite? How is your TMJ functioning? Was it assessed? Is there any clicking or crepetence of the tmj?
I am not suggesting your doctor is wrong but am suggesting it often is overlooked. There are special dentists who deal with this and even after that dx treatment is not simple.

A person can clench for hours during the night and the aftereffects can be felt throughout the day, therefore not easily connected or associated because the effects are delayed. This can happen in people who wake up with headaches and still they are unaware. Have chipped teeth and be unaware and can be overlooked. It does not degrade or diminish the pain but could explain the many different patterns of referred pain.

This can go undetected and unmanaged for years. The SCM and many other muscles can go into spasm and cause Trpís (trigger points). A person can clench at night (nocturnal clenching) and not be aware it is happening. Deep tissue massage, daily head and neck range of motion exercises to gently stretch the muscles, calcium/magnesium (I take that to try to help with the muscle issues) supplements etc to help relax the muscles and more depending. Some people clench there teeth or grind their teeth (bruxism) at night and sometimes do both. The clenching is silent. Extreme stress and pressure in takes a toll on the body. This and other systems were causing problems for me at the same time. It was a pt job getting to doctors visits but thatís the way it is when you have different things going on. Have to keep trucking 

I had overlapping things that complicated the issue and eventually this doctor found this and that found that so forth and so on. It took time and specialists to sort it out. I did not know I clenched or grind my teeth until I was woken up because of the grinding noise and noticing slivers and sandlike pieces in my mouth when I woke up. Who knew? I still did not know thatís what I was doing but it was obvious. For me itís more then stretch because these spasms happen elsewhere in the body so itís not limited. For some, by the time it's discovered they have gone to many specialists because of the different location of various head pains.

A person can clamp down so hard and with such force it can cause facial swelling, tightness, stiffness, tenderness, numbing, tingling, affect the musculature and vasculature of the head and neck in areas of the jaw, stiffness of the neck. It can mimic Otis media, nerve and vessel compression and a slew of other not so nice diseases.

It can cause referred severe, excruciating, disabling head and neck pains cause in effect trigeminal neuralgia and affect it's pathway. Why one clenches is open to debate but the effects are none less present in the patient. It can and does mimic other problems and the pain is referred, distinct tooth pain (with no dental problem found, and sometimes people have teeth pulled because of it) and many different types of pains, generally speaking of the sinus, neck, face, eyes, jaw, tmj, ear, shoulders, traps. "Headaches" throughout the cavity and in different areas of the head, face neck region. It affects these neuromusculature regions.

This clenching can and does induce muscle spasm & migraine pain, can cause teeth to crack, jaw swelling, numbness, weakness. Donít underestimated the impact this direct pressure can cause. The human bite, the clenching action psi is extremely strong. I myself am looking for magnesium phos. myself and hope in can help with my spasm as a last ditch effort homeopathically. My pharmacist does not carry it. I've read it's available at health food stores. The brute force of clenching can make the muscles spasm and nerves can take a beating. This can be passed over by good dentists. Itís a tricky thing to pinpoint.

I took Amitriptyline for 2 years but had to come off it, I could not take the side effects any more. It was a low dose but I was more sensitive. Someone else could take more and that works for them. We are all made up differently and have different chemistryís. It helped reduce the frequency and intensity of the migraine but did not end them. It helped with some pains but it did not reduce spasm or prevent numbness. Fatigue and stress worsen the pain of illness. Not feeling well is stressful on itís own and thatís something to deal with so mount stress it adds up. It can wind up.

If you consumed any alcohol at all while taking this medication (at any dose, skipped or not), that could cause extremity numbness because it acts as an amplifier and stays in the blood. It can be dangerous. Itís a strong medication in who is sensitive to it.

Come to think of it, perhaps your dose is too strong? How does it help your fibro specifically? Has your fibro doctor considered changing meds because of your migraine? What about Neurontin? I remember when I put a tablet on my tongue (I did not have the water ready to swallow it) so it partially dissolved on my tongue causing it to go totally numb and killed my ability to taste. Could it be that the medication dose is too high for you or not working properly in you?

Extremity numbness could be caused by this medication.
You could talk to the pharmacist about it, they are extremely knowledgeable about these medications and the interactions. If you take other medications also, they could be interacting with each other. If you mix homeopathic remedy with pharmaceutical grade meds they can interact as well.

Lupus, Fibro, MS, Lyme Disease have overlapping symptoms and is difficult to diagnose and treat. Could you list more specifically what accompanies the headaches? That may help people to reply more specifically. The more specific the better. Hope your feeling better. Take Care, Gemi

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