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[QUOTE=jonathanp]I basically need some advice and reassurance from you guys please!

I am a 21 year old male from England, UK. In October 2003 i was diagnosed with an ear infection in my left ear, i got some medication and it cleared up after about ten days. But I started getting severe symptoms in November 2003. It started with a feeling of being severely light-headed and off balance at work ( i work on my computer/VDU) . It scared me at first, but i thought oh it will go away, but it didnt. By dinner time i felt awful. I rushed home and just got on my bed and stayed there until i felt slightly better.

Over that weekend i felt drained, very weird, light-headed and slightly sick at times. I managed to play football on the sunday and i felt ok, but in the evening i suffered badly and my condition worsened. For the following 3 weeks i felt 'spaced' out if you like. I suffered from constant dizziness and light-headedness. The doctors said i was suffering from vertigo due to a virus in the ear, and it would clear up in 10 days to 2 weeks or so. I was given betahistine dihydrochloride and stemetil (prochlorperazine maleate) for the dizziness - a months supply ( they didnt work at all for me). The strange thing is I didnt once feel as though the world was spinning around me.

Eventually, after 3 weeks, i began to feel better and went back to work, as i thought the feelings had died off a little. I was very wrong....... The following week i was in bed constantly, just sleeping mostly. During the worst times i was confused, extremely fatigued, tired, my muscles ached so bad i couldn't walk at times, i had burning eyes, loss of appetite, strange uncontrollable eye movements, severe headaches, tingling sensations in my head, stiff neck, difficulty concentrating and choosing words, and bright light annoyed me. I was just knocked for six, the symptoms were back and were worst, i didn't even know who i was at times. I felt very very weird.

I was sent to an ear, nose and throat specialist. After talking to him, he said to me 'march on the spot with your eyes closed'. So i did...... a little off-balanced, but i managed it comfortably. He said, you dont suffer from vertigo, you have had a virus, it sounds like viral meningitis. He sent me to see a neurologist a few days later. He said i was suffering from a virus (but not viral meningitis) which would take time to go. He sent me for blood test and a MRI brain scan just in case. At my friends house before christmas I vomited from the symptoms (before Christmas), as i felt very very light-headed and nauseated (not spinning around though).

In the New year all the tests came back clear, and after christmas the neurologist rang me saying i should get back to normal activities, and start building my strength up.

From around 10th January to around 17th Feb. 2004, i was getting out here and there, driving about, usually at night time as i feel a lot better. I didnt feel comfortable going out during the day, but at night i felt a lot better. I never went out properly though (day or night), only to peoples' houses. When i say 'properly' i mean out where this is a lot of things going on (stimuli - people, noises, fast moving things etc). During the day i felt worst......i felt like my head was not clear, everything i looked at just didnt seem to be 'right', its so hard to explain. I felt like ripping my head off at times! Its so frustrating. When i went out shopping i felt horrid. When i was in a shop i would look at things on a shelf, i felt ok at first, then the symptoms gradually built up, it felt like i couldn't look at one item on the shelf as my eyes moved involuntary all over the place, and i got frustrated, light-headed and scared and i felt like i had to get out of the shop quick. I didnt suffer from complete spinning sensations though, i just felt off balanced and had this constant fog in my head and eyes, and felt constantly light-headed with very small uncontrollable eye movements. At night it seemed to ease off a hell a lot.

Since the 17th Feb 2004, the symptoms have come on a little stronger again. I am once again housebound and I am now getting more pressure and ringing in my left ear (occasionally). I dont suffer any form of hearing loss ( any that i can notice anyway). I am OK in the house, but I cant go out or drive again (day or night).

I know there are many many things that can mimic Meniere's syndrome, but im just wondering if any of you know anyone, or if you have experienced a virus that has caused symptoms similar to meniere's syndrome. How long did they last? Did any of you have a virus similar to mine that then led on to the Meniere's syndrome? It does sound like a virus to me, as the symptoms i felt that week when i was tucked up in bed do sound viral, or did any of you guys suffer like this at first. I just need someone who knows what this feeling is like to help me. I am very very fortunate as i have only had one episode of vertigo. (it was very mild and lasted for about half a second, as i looked up away from the computer screen in fact). I was thinking it could be vestibular neurtitis (the viral infection of the ear), but i cant find any evidence of how long this lasts, or any cases of people having it etc.

PS my close friend has exactly the same symptoms as me, and they started about 2 weeks before mine did. He is going through the same things, seeing specialists etc. Is it likely this is a virus he has given me? If so, is that more reassuring, as viruses do die after a few months (although this is the 4 the month now), or did anyone's Meniere's syndrome begin with a virus??

Please please help as i am getting quite depressed, i am 21 years old, and i am just house bound 24/7. I used to be active, never tired, never down or depressed. Please help. I have not been told what is going on by the doctors properly yet, im just scared im going to have this for years. I am going back to the specialist this Tuesday ( the 2nd march 2004). If anyone can give me advice of what to tell him, please help.

regards Jonathan[/QUOTE]

Hi Jonathan, Man I have read hundreds of dizzy post and yours is closer to mine than any. I have been like this non stop since June 24, 2003, the last day I felt a part of this earth. I have been looking for things that make me feel better to no avail. Are these probs for you, showering in morning, riding not driving, morning in general, moving about opposed to sitting, I had an MRI done 4 weeks ago that showed my maxillery sinus completly closed. After 2 weeks of antibiotics and decongestants I feel the same. What scares me is I always thought that if you get sick you could get fixed by a doc, anything but cancer, boy was I wrong! I have seen so many doctors, spent my life savings, had to quit work, unemployment ran out last week. I dont know what to do. I will try Social Security but I doubt I get it which means I will have to work this way.

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