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[QUOTE=dback]Daniel i do not know how this works, but my symptoms are very similar to yours and dereks; the most then i've ever read over three years. reply to this if you got this message. bryan
think i really know how you feel. i am having alot of the same symptoms.
mine all stahis message.rted when i was wrestling with this guy. after i got up i was really dizzy, and my vision was all messed up, i call it "scattered" cause its not blurry or double. its just hard for me to focus on things and stuff sometimes looks like its moving. anti-vertigo medicines like meclazine and valium dont help me. some of my symptoms are:

-the scattered vision thing
-Vertigo, but NOT spinning around, more of an imbalance. Often the sensation of falling backwards. neck sometimes hurts and back of head
-pressure above and behind my eyes
-sometimes i feel like there is pressure inside my forehead and i get really confused, when it passes im really really tired
-hot showers and baths always make my symptoms worse
-always wake up with numb hands
-sensitivity to light

im really scared. i had these symptoms back in october. they lasteed about 6 weeks then slowly slowly went away. they've just recently restarted and i dont know what to do. i just started a new job and its ruining my life. the only time i feel halfway decent is when im lying down in my bed. ive had tons of blood work and it all comes up negative. im seeing a nuerologist on thursday. even working at the computer makes my vision weird and causes some vertigo.

if you ever wanna talk i think i know how you feel. im so worried and scared


Daniel if all that happened after you were wrestling and you may have taken a blow to the head you might want to look into a condition called BPV. We have these little calcium deposits in our ears. They move around in a canal to help keep you balanced. Sometimes they fall out of the canel, like if you take a blow to the head. When this happens it will make you dizzy. Sorry I have forgoten the names of the ear parts. It is treatable. You will have to see a doc to figure what ear is effected and he will do an epley manever and then you will have some vestibuler therepy or exercises.

Sorry for mis-spelled words. If you had VN or labs it would have started with a nasty infection or flu like symptoms. With BPV you will notice that you feel more dizzy when your head is in a certain position. Giving that info to doc may help determine what ear it is in. If you are dizzy all the time you may have a neurological prob. You should see a doc.


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