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What is it? Can you tell me your symptoms? I have been to 3 doctors and they all tell me stress but I feel something is seriously wrong with me. I have a spot on the top left side of my head that is sore to touch, when I brush my hair, shower & even when the wind blows. It's been going on and off for 4 months accompanied by headaches, nausea. I even wear glasses now, sigh. The last doctor said he didn't feel an MRI was necessary since I have had this sore spot on my head one other time in my life about 7 years ago that would rule out a brain tumor. He said if it was a tumor I would be dead by now. I just don't understand how stress could cause a sore spot to touch. It feels like my head is bruised and it doesn't feel like its on the skin, it runs deeper then that when I touch it. I just don't know and I am getting really scared with all these weird symptoms.


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