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I was also diagnosed with a pineal cyst. Last year I had a head injury and during the cranial mri they found that I have a 5mm by 9mm pineal cyst. I also have headaches but my docs are saying its caused by the herniated disc in my neck from the injury. Also my eyesight is getting worse. Before the accident I had 20/30 left eye and 20/40 right eye. Then within 6 months it went to 20/50 left 20/70 right. I went to get contacts a couple months later and i now have 20/75 in both eyes. I know its not the worse eyesight but obviously something is going on and I dont believe its from the injury. I also have tremors and shaking in my arms and legs and once again its not from the partial complex seizures (that i now have from the injury) my neuro thinks its anxiety related yet my psychiatrist doesnt agree. I am going to have another mri done in june...exactly one year since the first mri, to see if its grown or not. Neuro says if it hasnt grown to just forget about it and if it has grown we will deal with it then. Im sorry but im freaked out myself. There is no room in the skull to deal with anything but the brain and with a cyst growing i believe its pushing and that could be whats causing the headaches. Also from what ive been told they cyst is a sac filled with spinal cant that cause problems with the spine and therefor motor control? Yet most doctors think these cysts are nothing to worry about..i tend to disagree. I dont obsess about it but it does bother me. It should not be there to begin with. My doc tends to not relate any of my symptoms that i have to the cyst but to my head injury. Examples: short term memory loss, headaches, neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, tremors, seizures, bouts of anger (they relate that to severe depression and panic and anxiety attacks) I am so confused that i dont know what to believe and am beginning to think that i should just get off all my meds and deal with it. I think doctors need to learn more about these types of cysts because from what ive read with others having them.....there are alot of the same symptoms and problems. Yet we are told to "not worry about it" Well in my oppinion let them have it in THEIR head and then be told to not worry about it. Ahhh there goes my "unrelated" bouts of anger. Hang in there and I hope that you find a doctor who will take this seriously. But by all means dont let it effect everything in your life. It took me awhile after I found out about mine to put it "in the back of my mind". Take care and I wish you the best.
I see I'm not the only one that is being told by their neuro doc it nothing to worry about,but that not good enough for me...Before I had this little episode I'll call it happen to me I would have maybe 3 -4 migraines a year but on July 23,2004 it started with a burning sensation in the chest than a weakness in the arm and leg and than face on the left side,slurred sppech intense headache don't remember much more after than.Spent 4 days in hospital after being flight flighted was told I had a mini stroke...Was home a day and a half woke up with an intense headache on the left side and felt like my left side of the face was swollen went to fire station to have BP checked but no one was there on way back home was over come by numbness so son called rescue BP was 65/30 was admitted for 6 more days was diganosed with complex/ complicated migraines.Been on topamax since 8-2-04 started at 25 mg up to 75 mg..I have headaches every day,sometimes bad enough to where I can't hold my head up,open my eyes cause they hurt so bad,I'm nausated most of the time and when it get really bad I end up in the ER and than they start giving you crap cause they don't think you are really in pain that often..I wish for 1 week they could trade places with me..Luckily I have a job that allow me to work 4-5 hours a night instead of my 8 hours,really they rather me stay at home and rest but they understand I need the money and my coworker overnight have took up a collection and have paid a few bills for me..I do have a good support group,just wish a good neuro doc,etc//It's so hard to just get through the day being in so much pain and not having the strength or energy to keep going but I don't have to explain to you all caause you know where I'm coming from..Hopefully soon someone will take this serious and get us the help and consideration we well deserve and need...Take care and try to have a nice weekend..
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