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[QUOTE=akmartin]I do not know if anyone is still reading this thread, but I have a very similar story of the others, with one exception. The only way I knew I had a pineal cystic lesion was because I asked for a copy of my MRI report. I had only been told by my doctor that I had a sinus infection and nothing else. My MRI report also states, "An area of isointensity of CSF is present in the posterior aspect of the posterior fossa most compatible with a mega cisterna magna. The differential would include a retrocerebellar arachnoid cyst." I have similar symptoms: headaches, vision problems (for a patter lack of works floating dark and white spots of different size), sleep problems, tingling and buzzing in head an body, an attack that I thought might have been a stroke (but could be deemed a seizure), cannot concentrate, and trouble with simple spelling of words. I am at my wits end and would like more information of both the Pineal Cyst and the Mega Cisterna Magna. I want my head back to the way it was. :confused:[/QUOTE]

I also have a small pineal cyst which was discovered during my MRIs for my pituitary tumor. I also have choroid plexus cysts (bilateral). I also read every radiology report and mine also states bimaxilary mucosal disease (sinus infection). I experience severe headaches, nausea, and pain behind my eyes now. Apparently the nausea is not common with a non-functioning pituitary tumor. I also have polycystic kidney disease. I'm going to Johns Hopkins for a second opinion next week. I am not aware of the definition of mega cisterna magna. It's funny, if the doc does not give you a name for the radiological term, it can be hard to find much info about it. For example, when my first MRI was taken in 11/04, it showed a "sellar vs. suprasellar mass", which they told me they thought was a brain aneurysm. It turned out to be the pituitary tumor. Did you converse with your doctor and ask specific questions about your radiological report?

Hope to hear from you soon!

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