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Re: Brain cancer?
Mar 17, 2004
[QUOTE=sparkey]I am 40 year old female. I have had migraines for several years which stopped when I went off the pill years ago. I am now getting weekly migraines along with other headaches in the same area of the head on a daily basis. My periods have now stopped. I have pins and needles in my hands and sometimes numbness as well. I have severe brain fog and some visual disturbances.
I finally went to GP and he has sent me for blood tests to see if it is early menopause or a tumor in the pituatary gland of the brain. That scared me.
Has anyone else had similar symptons and it turned out to be a tumor?
I get the blood test results back tomorrow but don't really know what he is looking for. Does anyone know? Help!![/QUOTE]

Hi.... I hope you got some answers by now as you stated you were getting blood test results back the next day after you posted. I am 49, female, and have the pins & needles & numbness along with intermittment migranes-severe brain fog, visual disturbances and much more. My doctor ordered an MRI of the brain and cervical spine and then sent me to a neurologist as it came out with possible demyelinating disease (MS). BUT a HOST of things can cause these symptoms and hopefully your doctor included tests for B12 deficiency, Lyme disease, Mono, many more -------basically a complete and comprehensive blood work panel.

AND I hope if your blood work does not give some answers that you get referred to a neurologist because the numbness, pins & needles, brain fog, visual disturbances are neurological symptoms. Common to many neurological disorders to be sure but neurological none-the-less. It may be just the migranes or indeed early menopause but it would be better to be assured. Take care.... :wave:


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