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[QUOTE=Bothrops]Hi everyone,
I have had leg pain for 10 years now. in the last 8 months it is pretty constant, 24/7. 9 months ago I became ill with symptoms of dizzyness, spaciness, full feeling in ears and nose slightly stuffed, eyes are whack they dont foucus right and are slow to react. I get heavy hot/cold sensations that start in the center of my back and radiate out to my shoulders and into my upper arms. All of these probs started a couple days after stoping a month of protonix. The day I stoped the protonix I had dug over a 100' of ditch 5' deep because my help laid out.

I have been out of work for 9 months due to those symptoms. No one can figure it out. This morning, after a lot of research, I found something that very closely matches my leg pain. It is called sciatic nerve impingement. It is normally caused by a sliped disk. Is it possible that all my probs are caused by a sliped disk, maybe putting pressure on spine and CSF fluid causing pressure on ears nose and eyes thus causing dizziness. I would like to tell my doc this but dont want to sound like an idiot. Please tell me what you think.

Let me add that I get headaches in my brainstem and temples at least once a week and at one time 4-5 days a week.



Hi Derek ... I have proven for myself beyond a doubt that Vit B sorts out my sciatica to a large extent. It feeds the nerves in that area as well as else where. I strongly suggest you get a good vit B complex and take it daily in the mornings. I am on a strong one that is also 'slow release' and this one has worked best for me (it is .. 'Timed release, Busy B with C, High Strength' -I'm in the UK and get it from a health shop) .... I have also suffered with headaches and have proven for myself, they are mostly diet related, namely cheese .... (other things like red wine, chocolate, sausages & bacon can trigger them in some people due to a product in these foods called 'Tiramine' (sp??). Occasionally hormones can trigger a headache for me. My headaches usually start in one of my eyes and then spread. If I stay off eating fresh cheese on its own, I can usually avoid a headache ... a bit on pizza etc usually isn't enough to do it. At one stage for some time, I was very spacey and occasionally dizzy .... I think it was caused by a certain brand of thyroid treatment I was on and had it changed to a different brand .... settled down now .... but I do think the vit B has helped all round ... so do give it a try .... and check you are not on some drug that may be causing any side effects ... good luck :)

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