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It appears to me that your head is responding to all of the pressure from your sinus condition. It appears the blood vessels in your scalp are swelling up (does your scalp feel like there are tender ridges (swollen blood vessels)? When the blood vessels swell like that, the nerve endings can't take the pressure any longer, causing pain--even migraines. This can produce the headaches that you're feeling. It can affect the eyes, temples, and different parts of your head as you've described. You sound as though you're under age 50 so there's no concern for giant cell arteritis (also known as temporal arteritis causing sudden loss of vision). These headaches sound like migraines which can produce tingling as well. There are effective medications to abort them so you can continue working/functioning if they come on during working hours and allow you to operate equipment, even drive. If applicable for you, ask your physician about trying some samples.
Thank you for your replies. The headaches have pretty much gone away. Once in a while I will feel a little tingle or some pressure in my head. I still have congestion though and I have been coughing up stuff. I guess since I am feeling better and most of the problems have gone away I am assuming that it is nothing serious.

Kandi :)

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