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Hi hon! I think I can help you here! I have the same problem from falling from a horse and I'll tell you, untreated, it only gets worse! I went through chiropractic and a massage technique called structural hurts like crazy, but it was the first time I didn't hurt.

Now, for her symptoms, completely normal for what she's going through, this doc's just an idiot. It's called: pelvic unleveling; malpositioned pelvis; malrotated pelvis, etc. also, is her sacrum tender? The spot right above her butt crack (sorry, don't know the technical term) but it is tremedously painful. It's listed under: sacroiliac joint dysfunction; sacrum pain; sacrum ligament dysfunction; and a few others. She may also have pains on the pubic mound....I found out when I was pregnant that it's not one piece! Mine seprated! It causes pain that can shoot down the crotch area, the thighs, and even radiate into the tummy area, where about the ovaries are. It's listed under: pubic symphesis dysfunction; pubic sympheseal separation, etc.

Look all these up and you'll find all her problems are related to the problems in her hips. You'll also notice that people in car accidents that suffer any kind of pelvic trauma are more at risk than most for head trauma and lasting neurological defecits! It's awful and worse when no one will listen to you or help you. I know from experience. My brain injury went undiagnosed for ten years and I've subsequently developed narcolepsy as well.

Please take your daughter to a pediatric hospital that specializes in trauma cases. They'll likely be the most familiar with this.

I will look back over the sights I have bookmarked on my computer and e-mail the mods to see which ones I can give you. They have great advice and will give you a full description of what she's going through. I know this is scary, but hang in there. The vertigo is normal this long, but is indicative of a problem that could be long term or life long. But, once you get a diagnosis, you can go from there. You also have time on your side. Brain injuries and other neuro probs can make great strides in the first year and upto the second. After that, upto the ten year mark, there will be slight improvements, although not as large or noticeable as the first two years.

I still suffer from problems, but again, it's 11 years now, post-injury. Are you suing for the damage done to your daughter? If you are, don't accept a settlement unless it also covers any life long care that she could need, related to this. Also, request a neuropsychological evaluation. It will tell you where she has any deficits neurologically and they will document it and start a treatment program for her. This is extremely expensive, but well worth it.

What is the status of your situation right now? Are her bills being covered? If so and you're still getting nowhere with the docs, ask for a patient advocate, most hospitals have them but won't tell you because they cost them money and get you more services. They act as a go between with you and the doctors and make sure they are listening to you and getting your daughter what she needs.

Again, I'll check back often and post those sights ASAP. Good luck and take care of yourself and your daughter and we'll be talking soon.
I hate to be right, but yes her leg will stay that way unless you do some intense massage therapy with it. The problem with the bone is that when it's adjusted back into place, the muscle has also been damaged and is reconnected to the muscle in the current state, injured and misaligned. So, the muscle fights against the adjustment and sends it right back.

I had the same situation and started structural integration. It's similar to rolfing and it's painful. It's only painful while it's being done and leaves no residual pain. After about the fourth session, I could walk with hardly no pain. It was the first time in over 7 years. Then, I got pregnant with my second and everything else went right back out. It also didn't help that I slipped on the ice and knocked it right back out after paying $50 for an adjustment an hour before!

I also have problems in my neck on the same side that my hip hurts the worst. I took the injury on the right, but the left side is where I hurt the worst. But I had a totally different situation than your daughter. I was also a teen when it happened and being in a non-supportive home only made matters worse. She's lucky that she has a mom who cares so much.

Do you have a chance to go to a children's hospital? Can you take the x-rays from the chiro to the neuro so he can see the difference in the x-rays from the ER to the chiro...and maybe he'll understand that laying down isn't always the best way to x-ray someone with pelvic injuries. They should try doing one each way....but that's just me.

Have you looked up any of the neuro probs associated with pelvic injuries? Look up, neurological seguelae of pelvic injuries, pelvic injury sequelae....basically, stick sequelae in most searches because what it will do is list any of the other problems that are commonly and not-so-commonly associated with a certain condition.

Does your chiro have a massage therapist in his office or could he refer you to one? If she does see one, be in the room with her, no exceptions! I was sexually assaulted by one and although it's not likely to happen to her, better safe than sorry, like I was. Also, check the credentials and see if they'll give you references for any pediatric accident cases they've worked on. If you trust your chiro, I'd go with his recommendation. You can also look up any problems they may have had with the division of occupational and professional licensing. It will tell of any negative reports, status of their license, etc. The guy who assaulted me had his license permanently revoked w/ no chance of getting it back. So, if you see some red flags, run.

I hope this helps. You can also try hydro therapy with her. It is a lot easier on injured bodies....I know it's much easier for me and I have a better range of motion. You may be able to get the insurance to pay for all of this. You have a really good chance at a law suit. I don't like to encourage this because we all know how many people make a mountain out of a mole hill just for money, but she will need it.

She may have lifelong problems from this and need some sort of medical management for the long haul and that gets expensive. If you settle for a lump sum, make sure it also includes a provision for any expenses incurred through out her life or a determined amount of time on top of the intitial settlement.

I don't remember if I asked or you said, but do you have a lawyer? What is the status of her medical bills? Who is covering them right now? If you are, ask for a hard-ship form from the hospital....they don't offer these, you have to ask. This will allow you to recieve the benefit of a reduction in expenses or possibly a complete right off of the debt, depending on your situation. Also, check into the places you are going to see if they're considered non-profit. Many of them have to right off a certain amount of debt to keep this status.

Is she having some other consequences from all of this? Is she having emotional problems or fears from the trauma?

Well, good luck to you. I'm starting to ramble and have no idea if I made any sense. I'll have to look over it later and edit.....ah, the joys of brain damage! LOL

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