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I have the EXACT same problem as the initial poster, to the letter. My limbs go numb occasionally, usually on my left side. My head gets tingly also, but it doesn't go exactly "numb", it's more like the SKIN is numb. Same with my hands and feet. They function fine, unlike if they were to "fall asleep". They just get really numb. I find myself falling asleep in really bad positions, like on my keyboard & such. Sometimes, I fall asleep on the corner of my couch or my desk and cut off the circulation to my head, then I wake up, and feel the blood rush back to my head, my temple pounding like crazy.

I searched everywhere and couldn't find anyone having the same symptoms. It's kind of comforting to know that there are more people with similar problems.

Do you smoke? I think this is a very important question. I smoke about 2 packs a day, and it seems aggravated by my smoking.

Also, I get subtle ear aches & ears ringing on the left side of my head sometimes, or when I hear really loud high-pitch noises (like a loud keyboard) my inner ear will pulse.

Please post if you learn anything. I don't know what type of doctor I should go see.

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