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Re: Hilery 79
May 20, 2004
I actually made an appointment with my doc for tomorrow and actually I am not seeing him, his assistant. I may have better luck with her. I think that my doc has actually had it with me...because last year I was going through ALOT of emotional stuff (mother sick and passed away) but in general just a lot of stuff, and I think that he just tells me what I want to hear. BUT I am tired of just taking there word for it and brushing everything off to anxiety. I want some answers and what ever they need to do to get them is what they are going to do. I am so tired of just being off balance all the time for no good reason. I don't think that I have true vertigo...and when I say that I am dizzy (another things is that I can't seem to type or write sometimes without confussing letters and such) the room is not spinning, it just feels like my head is in a bucket of water...a few weeks ago I think that I had an experience with vertigo when I got out of the bed in the morning and the room did spin. But I managed to pull it off although it scared the poop out of me. I have CONSTANT pressure in my head and face area ... yes I have TMJ and have been fitted for a mouth guard to wear all the time. But this is been going on off and on for over 3 years. Been to a Cardiologist, Neurologist (because my doc thought that I had MS because of neurapathy in my leg), ENTs and anyone else you could think of and no one can find out anything...other than anxiety. OK, I buy that to a degree. I am a very axious person...but enough is enough. I just want some answers and I am tired of being treated like an idiot or just a panicky kind of person when I know my body. I am just VERY frustrated right now and don't know where to turn or what to do next. I spend most of my time in the bed when I get home, b/c I am sometimes afraid to do anything for fear of getting too dizzy or passing out (although I've never passed out) but the fear of it is terrible. I have had anxiety for years...long family history of it and with all that has been going on the last couple of years I can deal with it. But MOST of my anxiety is gone and have a wonderful husband and 2 fab children. I don't want to spend the rest of my life like this without any answers ... I have too much to do and look forward to daughter will graduate High School in 3 years and my son is starting intermediate school. I used to be very active, on all the school boards, vice presidents of things and it has just all gone to h%^& in a hand basket. I pray to be healed and know that for God to help me I must try to help myself.

I am soooooooooooooooooooo sorry for rambling on...

Hilery I am so glad that things are kind of getting better for you. How do you feel after the tilt table test? Any woozieness feelings?

Do you have family to help when you feel lightheaded and pass out? How long have you been dealing with this?


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