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Hi there :wave:
Here is my story:

In August I suddenly became dizzy. (I had had the odd dizzy spell in the past, so I assumed it would didn't). This time, the dizzy hung on. It wasn't true "vertigo" because I wasn't spinning in one direction. It is hard to explain but it was bad dizziness. The next day I still had it but not as bad. I felt like I was floating and "drugged". Soon it became worse. I couldn't watch TV because the images would move too fast for my eyes to track. I felt so nauseous. And I couldn't sleep. When I tried to fall alseep, I would spontainiously swallow and it would wake me up. As I lay in bed trying to fall asleep I would feel like I was floating one inch above my body. My hands and feet would feel like they were vibrating inside my body.

I had a CT head scan that came back normal. I saw 2 ENTs and both didn't think it was inner ear related.

As time passed, my vision became blurry and my eyes hurt to roll them around in my head. I do have fullness on the left side of my head sometimes.

My balance is off. If I walk up a slight incline in the pavement it throws me off. Just sitting still I am still dizzy. I have been dizzy every single day since that day in August. Sometimes I am almost better...but NEVER 100 %. I just can't figure out what happened to me? West Nile Virus? MS? A mini stroke?

I will be getting my eyes checked next week by an opthamologist. It will be interesting to hear what he has to say since all the other doctors have brushed me off and rushed me out the door.

Can any of you relate?

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