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I am new here and I thought i would share my experience from last weeks doctor visit. I originally went to my gp because i was experiencing burning hot sensations down either leg with pain to the touch (even if it was just a piece of clothing touching it) I would occasionly have the same sensations on the back of my arms and other places. She said it was "peripheral neuropathy" and referred me to a neurologist. I had all sorts of blood tests done which were all normal, then I had an mri ms protocol, to rule out ms. I went for the follow up appointment and the neuro doc had just received my test results as he was walking in the door. He told me to come look at the screen and told me I had 2 cysts on the left ventricle part of my brain. Then he said there was nothing he could tell me about them until I had another MRI which is going to be tommorow (monday) this news took me by shock and when the doctors visit was over I left with only the info that I have two cysts. I didnt know what to do or think. Acouple days later I got a fever with chills all over my body and shooting pains everywhere. I called my doctor and he never called me back. I have no idea the severity of this problem and I have had a week and a half to fantasize about how i could be dying or not. Is there anyone else with this same problem?? Should I get another neurologist.?? Is it normal for them not to tell me any details?? I still havent read about anyone who had 2 cysts..... one of mine is 4 centimeters.......

I have been searching through all of the posts on the board to see if anyone else suffered from my same symptoms. I came upon this post here.. and the only difference between my symptoms and hers is that my skin gets hot to the touch,I found this on page 26 I think :

"I have pain in my skin, that travels around my body in large patches. It feels like a bad sunburn or a bad bruise, but there are no changes to the skin's colour, temperature or thickness. It's usually in the areas from the waist down. It is painful without touching it, but if these patches are touched, it's aggrevated more. The patches can come and go without warning, and can move around. Additionally, I have several extremely painful points also, such as my lower back & hips, thighs, ankles & heels. I can tolerate broad pressure (like a flat hand), but if I'm pressed with a fingertip, it's excrutiating. Quite often I have difficulty walking because the pain on the backs of my heels is too severe (not under my heel, but on the back and sides, between ankle bones). I've been told I may have fibromyalgia, or reflex sympathetic dystrophy, but neither of these match my symptoms quite right... Have you heard of this before??"

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