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Hey my name is christina and Im 20. I had the same situation as you I smoked pot that was laced and now Im dealing with worse psychiatric issues. I always think Im going to die. Last night i took my seroquel and trileptal, but couldn't go to bed my thoughts were racing that I was going to die.. Its so scary. I'm always thinking there something wrong with me. 2 years ago I stopped drugs, alcohol and cigareetes and gave up on my negative friends. Thats the first thing you got to do, in order to get better.I pray everyday and read the bible everyday. Where both very lucky that nothing happened to both of us by doing drugs. But I have worse damage to my head from doing drugs. Even taking psychiatric drugs for years, Im screwed up, My hormones are screwed up, I have gastrointestinal problems and lack of periods from these psychiatric drugs. I tried stopping my Seroquel that I was on for 6 years, but I couldnt sleep. I stopped it for a mnth. and couldn't sleep that whole mnth. I experienced nerve sensatons, numbness and panic attacks from stopping. Im back on seroquel now with trileptal and I still get nerve sensations and a lot of anxiety before bed and heart pounding occasionally from trileptal. Im in a bad state too, that I dont know what to do.. I just pray a lot and go to church. Im proud of you that you stopped. Drugs are not cool. and there dangerous to our brain. Psych drugs are alright, but in the long run you develop more side effects from them. Write back please. Christina

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