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I dont even know where to start but i'll try. 2 months ago I started feeling really spaced out/weird one night. I just brushed it off for the night but woke up the next day even worse. It's so hard to explain but I feel like I've had a few drinks or something... slightly buzzed. I guess it could be called brain fog because I'm spaced out and feel really lost sometimes. Anyways... the weird feeling... oh ya.. it could be like altered perception er something too... feels weird... anyways... the feeling got worse and I started getting really worried about it. Then I started having really bad headaches ... like pressure against my eyes.. I didnt eat for an entire week and lost 15lbs in one month. I went the the emergency 3 times and they just said it was some weird long lasting flu bug er somethin... they did all kinds of blood work and even did a CT scan which showed up negative... yet I still think I may have a brain tumor... although no one believes me... anyways... its been 2 months now and my doc has me on zoloft b/c he says its anxiety or panic disorder but I really dont know what to think.. the headaches are back and are concentrated right in one area at the top of my skull now... like somethin pushing out on my skull.. its more like pressure than a headache now.. Also fore the 2 months I've been having night sweats on and off about 2-3 times a week. not drenching... but my head gets all cold and my body starts to sweat... hmmm what other symptoms..??? I started eating again now... almost back to normal appetite but I'm still down 10lbs from my original weight. and of course the spaced out feeling is still goin strong... I feel like im goin crazy er something... I'm a healthy 24 year old male with no other problems so I dont know what the heck is goin on.. and I think that the zoloft is makin me worse... but my doc says keep takin it... anyways... someone please god help me... this has been hell for me the last 2 months... I cant imagine anythign worse.. I have myself convinced I'm dying but no one can find out why... could the ct scan have missed a tumor??? anyone know??

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