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Hi, I had a CT done of the brain and all was normal. I also had a an MRI done yesterday..however I work for an MRI center and they did a brain scan for me and the MRI tech. looked at it for me not the radiologist. The MRI tech told me he thought every thing looked obvious masses or anything like that. He did however show me where my nasal passages are white on the scan meaning they are blocked. I am wondering if that could be causing some of the headaches and pressure I have been having?? My main concern is this raised up area at the top of my head. It feels like part of my skull..if it has always been there though I have never notice it until now. So I am really confused as to where it came from. I have totally freaked myself that it must be a tumor or something awful like that. I would have thought though between the CT & the MRI one of them would have shown a tumor. The raised up area started out sore and tender and it tingled some when I brushed my hair. Now though it is not sore just slighty raised up. Does anyone know what it could be??????? I am going back to the doctor again next week but I am desperate to find some answers now.

Kandi :confused:

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