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if i press on the top left of my skull i get a very sharp pain through my head, also like my skull is pushing down on my brain ive also noticed my vision isnt what it used to be, i get sharp pains in my chest at times mainly when im tired , im only a 21 year old male, it might be stress but i doubt it , i have been feeling really down at times i can be lying in bed about to go to sleep then i get this feeling like my heart is about to stop , maybe its me being weird anyhelp please especially about the skull
[QUOTE=stacynb]do you think it could be migraines? I have had pressure like that and have had headaches my whole life, but haven't brought myself to have Cat scan or anything. I used to wonder if I had a huge tumor in my head because it felt like my head was being crushed, but my doctors haven't been too concerned. Headaches are so hard to treat sometimes. I hope you find out what is causing your pain.[/QUOTE]

i thought it mite be migraines because my eyes hurt everynow and then especially at the back of the eyes

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