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Hi everyone,

Aproximatelly [B]4 months ago [/B] i woke up and i felt extremelly fatigated and with severe [B]lightheadness[/B]. Please note that i [B]never[/B] had vertigoes or spinning-like feelings...i just felt like i was floating and without energy, this happened specially in the morning. In the afternoon/night i would have [B]headaches [/B] and [B]rigid neck[/B]. These symptoms were really strong in the beginning. Eventually the neck and head pain started to go away but the light headness was allways there, some days better other days worse. One month after this i've started to feel my both [B]ears full/pressurized[/B]. Doctor said that i was tired but before this i was enjoying my life without any worries and i was an extremelly happy young man (22). It seems preety logical to me that i've started to feel anxious and tired because this wouldn't go away right? Anyhow now i still feel the lightheadness everyday as soon as i stand up of the bed and i feel like my head/ears/sometimes nose bone, are submitted to some kind of pressure. Before this started i had a Kart accident. Nothing much...just went against some tires in the wall. My gess would be something related with the cervical spine/muscles...but why is it taking so long?

Any suggestions?

Take care

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