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HI ANGEL BESIDES THE FOOD I AM HAVEING THE SAME SYMPTOMS HERE IS MY POST... THIS HAS STARTED ABOUT A MONTH AGO ..I Posted The First Time On The Board Yesterday Anyway Here Are My Syptoms. I Have Headaches For The Last Three Days Before They Would Come And Go But I Have Had This One For Three Days, The Pain Is Basically On The Right Side Of My Head I Also Have Some Tingeling On That Side, My Eyes Also Hurt I Go For A Cat Scan On Sunday But I Am Hoping Someone Can Give Some Advise I Am Only 26 And I Am Very Scared This Could Be A Brain Tumor.... Please Help

Your description matches my symtms exacly. [QUOTE]tingling in my head, usually in both temples but sometimes everywhere else, coupled with major "brain fog"......I sometimes feel like most of my day is spent in a trance.... I'm somewhat aware of what's going on but feel very "far away" and like things don't visually look quite right....also, I've just recently started to react to Everything I eat!!! Seriously! Everything I eat seems to immediately trigger a worsening of my symptoms (tingling and confusion). Very very frustrating and annoying. I also experience tremendous light sensitivity---the bright sunlight outdoors seems to trigger lots of electrical sensations in my head coupled with a complete inability to open my eyes fully (I squint like crazy and my head hurts so much). [/QUOTE]

This has only been going on with me since late November 2004 (started Thanksgiving day). I can't imagine living with it for over 5 years. I've been to the ER (for sharp pain in my leg) a day after it started, and been to a family doctor for the other symptoms a week ago. The ER of course didnt find anything. The family doctor ordered blood/urine tests and didnt find anything. I notice that when I am home at my apartment or outside the symptoms subside. When I go to work at the office they come back. Although eatting affects me anywhere. When it's bad I get headaches (could swear im havin a stroke or something), heart races or skips beats, being touched is repulsive, and a tingling/numbness from the top of my head down to the middle of my back.

If you have any more information about this, or just want to talk about it, please email me [ [b] please carefully review the posting rules - no emails [/b] ].

I hope we both find out whats goin on very soon.

Have a great day!


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