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HI ANGEL BESIDES THE FOOD I AM HAVEING THE SAME SYMPTOMS HERE IS MY POST... THIS HAS STARTED ABOUT A MONTH AGO ..I Posted The First Time On The Board Yesterday Anyway Here Are My Syptoms. I Have Headaches For The Last Three Days Before They Would Come And Go But I Have Had This One For Three Days, The Pain Is Basically On The Right Side Of My Head I Also Have Some Tingeling On That Side, My Eyes Also Hurt I Go For A Cat Scan On Sunday But I Am Hoping Someone Can Give Some Advise I Am Only 26 And I Am Very Scared This Could Be A Brain Tumor.... Please Help

Angel, I am new to this board. We have many of the same symptoms. Mine all started with mold exposure. (This was caused by a brand new faucet handle that leaked under a new bathtub in a newly remodeled master bathroom.) After we discovered it (from a musty smell) we had professional testing and then mold remediation, complete with plastic air chambers and "space suits". (They had to tear out all that beautiful new remodel!) During the months before the discovery and then after, I had been to several doctors, had Chem 35 blood tests, xrays, allergy tests, and nothing showed up. But I knew I was sick. Anything with chemicals in it would take my voice to a low raspy pitch. I would cough and my chest would hurt. Then I would get very weak, and extremely tired. Sometimes barely able to walk. These chemicals include Windex, bathroom cleaners, public restroom deodorizers, grocery stores, fabric stores, chemicals in a hospital, car fumes, and brewing coffee, such as in a "famous" coffee shop, even fumes from a brewing coffee pot at home, among other things. None of these things affected me before the mold exposure. I thought the sharp piercing pains in my legs were due to the wrong kinds of jogging shoes, and I didn't really consider the sharp or tingling pains in my fingers and toes, or the ringing in my ears could be related to this, so I tried to ignore these. But no Allergist or Internist could come up with anything. Finally one said I needed an immunologist. After some searching, I found a wonderful doctor in Texas that specializes in immune and toxic disorders. He ordered extensive blood tests, and nerve testing. Results showed 34 abnormalities in my blood, including high levels of the black mold, (13 kinds), and damage to the myelin sheaths that surround the nerves. These tests showed all the places where I had been feeling the pain. I WASN'T CRAZY!!! Now I have started agressive treatments that include a weekly 6 hour intravenous infusion, Sporonox twice a day, and several other things. I am so glad I found this doctor that really cares and knows what to do. I feel I am on the road to recovery. (I have completed 3 weeks of treatments and have 9 to go. I have already noticed some subtle changes.)
The crazy thing is, throughout all of this, I have looked like the picture of health and no one would have guessed what was going on in my system. Much of the time I feel OK. But when it hits, IT HITS, and takes me down, big time. And when it hits, I get very depressed. (I have no immune system.)
A word of warning: Quite often when there is mold somewhere in the home, maybe from a leaky pipe under a sink, or a dishwasher, or a leaky roof, or an air vent, or even moldy food forgotten in the bottom back of the fridge, people try to clean it up themselves, or paint over it, or just ignore it, never realizing how dangerous it is to their health. Be careful. Get a professional to check it, not a plumber. Clorox does not get it. If someone feels better when they are out of the house then they do at home, that is the sick house syndrome, and you'd better check it out. (I have recently learned that new carpet padding will cause problems also. It's what it is made of that is the problem. I learned this from an RN who has been fighting this also. Her husband is an MD, and they too, were searching for answers to her health problems.)
We have learned so much from this experience and I hope my experience has helped some others. And God bless you all.
Your description matches my symtms exacly. [QUOTE]tingling in my head, usually in both temples but sometimes everywhere else, coupled with major "brain fog"......I sometimes feel like most of my day is spent in a trance.... I'm somewhat aware of what's going on but feel very "far away" and like things don't visually look quite right....also, I've just recently started to react to Everything I eat!!! Seriously! Everything I eat seems to immediately trigger a worsening of my symptoms (tingling and confusion). Very very frustrating and annoying. I also experience tremendous light sensitivity---the bright sunlight outdoors seems to trigger lots of electrical sensations in my head coupled with a complete inability to open my eyes fully (I squint like crazy and my head hurts so much). [/QUOTE]

This has only been going on with me since late November 2004 (started Thanksgiving day). I can't imagine living with it for over 5 years. I've been to the ER (for sharp pain in my leg) a day after it started, and been to a family doctor for the other symptoms a week ago. The ER of course didnt find anything. The family doctor ordered blood/urine tests and didnt find anything. I notice that when I am home at my apartment or outside the symptoms subside. When I go to work at the office they come back. Although eatting affects me anywhere. When it's bad I get headaches (could swear im havin a stroke or something), heart races or skips beats, being touched is repulsive, and a tingling/numbness from the top of my head down to the middle of my back.

If you have any more information about this, or just want to talk about it, please email me [ [b] please carefully review the posting rules - no emails [/b] ].

I hope we both find out whats goin on very soon.

Have a great day!


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