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[QUOTE=rocknbabi09]ok for like a year now ive been having twiches in my body like they come and go and sometimes i get trouble brething and my heart feels funny does this sound like a brain disorder??? idk about the brething part and the heart thing but wht about the twiches??? i asked my dr and i had a mri and a cat scan and he said it was all good but can those tests picj up brain disorders?[/QUOTE]

Well, you've had an MRI and a CT scan which showed nothing, so it's nothing like a tumor or anything along that line. There are still some other things that should be ruled out though. Have you seen a neurologist for all these tests?

A few questions:
Have you had an EEG? While we're at it, have you had an EKG?

Have you had any fainting episodes?

Have you had any tingling or numbness in your arms/legs?

Have you lost or gained any weight recently without dieting?

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