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Re: Tingling head!
Jul 28, 2004
[QUOTE=apriltones]is tingling head a serious symptom to do with brain? im on neuro list but long wait. This is only symptom in head area, pleses reply as ive got it alot tonight and its worrying, thanks, love april x[/QUOTE]

Hi April,
I have had a tingly head ever since my brain surgery 20 months ago. It started about 3-4 months after the surgery. It sometimes feels as if there is something under the skin moving around. Other times it feels like it's vibrating in spots, the way your cell phone would vibrate, just a little buzz and other times its just very tingly around the temples and sides of the face. Very rarely do these feelings encompass the whole head, they are just in certain areas.

I have discussed this with doctors who don't even bat an eye about it so I am assuming since I am still here and haven't suffered any ill effects from it and the docs don't seem to worry about it, that it's nothing major.

Sometimes these type of feelings can also come from a pinched nerve in the neck too.

Jaye :wave:

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