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Wind_Dancer and Pip27,

There is a very common tumor that could be causing these problems. It is a Pituitary tumor. They are estimated to be in about a fifth of the population, but a large percentage of the people with them, live their whole lives never knowing that they have one.

In women, they usually are found sooner then in men, so they are usually significantly smaller in women. So they rarely show up on MRIs. But when activated they can cause all kinds of bizarre symptoms.

The easiest way to find these is by blood testing of your hormone levels. Also it is important to see an Endocrinologist......they study the glands and the Pituitary is a gland.

My Pit tumor did not show up on an MRI, but they could see an indentation in my optic nerve and the blood test further verified it's existence. Due to 2.5 yr loss of periods, I went to five different obgyns and they all concluded that it was in my head :rolleyes: But after one appt with an Endocrinologist, he was able to diagnose me.
Yeah technically the gyns were right......but that was not what they meant. And how do I know that, well when I requested my records from them, the ones that checked my hormone levels, had the same results as the Endo, but didn't tell me, refer me or anything......just filed it. See an Endocrinologist.

It is commom for the tumor to cause loss of peripherral vision and end up with tunnel vision. But after the tumor is removed or shrunken, the lost vision usually return :eek:

Special note to Pip27:
I have been to a zillion optometrist and optomologist (surgeon)...none of them have ever had the same results as any other.
You should be seeing an Optomologist, not an optometrist. You said that they said that your retina, etc. were ok. Did they check your optic nerve. They should have used a machine with a camera. You would either see a polaroid of your optic nerve, or they would have a machine that downloads the picture to a pc.

To both of you, nothing of what I wrote may relate to you, but I wanted to share this information that I've learned along the way.
Hope the best for you both.

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