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Aug 26, 2004
okay, since April i haven't felt 100%, at first i started to get a really fast heart beat, and palpitations which i belived were caused by my stress and anxiety. I started to feel really drowsy during the days, and then i started getting a legging sore throat that didn't really hurt that much, and i would get dizzy randomly and this like water feeling in my ears. I found out about 2 months after the Sore throat and the dizziness started i acctully had Strep throat. The antibiotics help cure the sore throat, and i didn't feel as dizzy anymore, but i started getting sinus headaches, and I im always tired, I also noticed my vision does't seem to be as crisp as it used to be and. Also in the last 2 weeks i started getting this pressure feeling, almost a numbness on top of my head and somtimes in my fingers and knees. And my jaw does hurt some times. What does this sound like it could possibly be? Just my alleriges worsening? Somthing to do with my sugar or iron levles? Or somthing with my brain? Please respond!!

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