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Hi there -

I get classical migraine with aura. They are very painful but the aura is the most nerve racking part for me. But I will say that after a few days they resolve, I get over the hangover of it, and I move on. I have never had pain linger for two years.

I really feel for you. It sounds like your life has been turned upside down.

From your story it sounds like something did happen on that table. A bp of 200/150 is just crazy and I can't imagine your body would not be tramatized in some way.

I am not a doctor obviously but if it were an aneurysm I would have thought you would have suffered a stroke or possibly died right then. Are there aneurysms that can somehow mis-shapen the veins in your brain?
If it were a stroke I would think you would have neurological symptoms and damage to the nerve signals. I know there are different levels of stroke - TIA (transient ischemic attack) for instance...check it out here

If I were you I would research those drugs that they pushed into you that day. I would find another neurologist that you respect and trust. I would get an MRI and I would specifically ask the neuro how someone with migraine would react to those drugs.

I hope you get to the bottom of this. I am so glad that your husband was in the room with you that day. It makes me realize that from here on out if I have to have procedures I want someone there with me.

Take care and I hope you will be headache free soon!


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