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[QUOTE=Kamden]I have had this and mine was caused by muscle strain. I could push on that area and there was a dull ache. It was explained to me by the physical therapist how our skulls are held together, and also the muscles in the neck are attached to the skull. It is similar to muscle strain but can be in the ligaments or ( whatever they are called ) that hold the skull together. When strained, they can knot up and produce many symptoms including pressure, dizziness, aching, tingling, tightness etc. I was helped with this by both a chiropractor using an activator ( which knocks the knot out ) and a physical therapist kneading my muscles and working the knots out. You could try pushing on that area and see if it brings on your symptoms, if it does, it may just be in muscles. If so, I would try a physical therapist who knows how to do soft tissue work. For this type of problem, exercises can aggravate it untill the knots are worked out, so get one who knows how to do deep soft tissue injury.[/QUOTE]
Thank you for taking the time to respond. I went to the doctor and this is also what he said. I will probably go to a chiropractor or physical therapist then.

Lately I've been having a numbness feeling on the left side of my face. Do you think a muscle strain in the neck could also produce such a symptom?

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