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Hey....I'm kind of running out of places to turn for help here. Honestly, everyone thinks I'm a freak or something or some kind of hypochondriac. No offence to all of yas, I know these problems are nothing to be ashamed of. Anyways, it all began about 1.5 years ago. I never got headaches and then out of nowhere, I started getting these UNBELIEVEABLE ones...not only did they throb, but the sharp, shooting pains felt like something was slicing a knife through my tissues or something...the sharp pains could be anywhere on my my ears, on the top, on the sides, the temples, the nape of the neck. I tried to cope with that, and hightailed it to a doctor, because they popped up so suddenly. Since I have a history of depression, he assumed that was the problem. I started taking Vioxx, which didn't do jack for me...and soon after, I started developing more symptoms, which included severe nausea, extreme dizziness, numbness sensations in my head, light-headedness, tingling, and blurry vision. At that point, I began to get really scared, since this all happened in a matter of 2 months. I went back to the doctor and demanded blood tests, which were returned perfectly normal. Since that time, this problem persists....I ALWAYS have the sharp headaches, and any one of the symptoms I mentioned come and go as they please throughout the day. I am tough and I have learned to try and cope with this, but, like anyone, I get scared. And fed-up. And sad, ya know. It interferes with my life. Because of my past history with depression, all the doctors I have seen tell me that my problems are stemming from that, mixed with anxiety and such. I sometimes wonder if the problem is worse, but everyone always tells me I worry too much and that if I had a brain tumour or something, I would have known by now...but how can I know if doctors keep refusing to give me an MRI and automatically associate my problems with depression. Mind you, I know depression can cause a lot of debilitating problems, but I've been over it for a couple of years now and truly feel better in my heart. This is hard to cope with, and I tend to be a's nice to find someplace to just tell my story where I know people can read it and understand, since a lot of you experience the same. I am not posting this under the headache section simply because there are SO many other symptoms accompanying it. It interferes with everything I do, and it is so frustrating. I more or less just want to feel that I can talk about it, without those around me insisting I'm fried out of my mind. I just want an answer. I need an answer, so I can resume my normal life. This is my first post on this site, and I hope, in some way, it can help me feel better. I'm 21 years old and attending university, and it just hurts that I feel like my youth is being ripped away from me. Any responses at all would be appreciated. It's just nice to be somewhere where I don't feel like an idiot describing everything. I feel like I could honestly write a book on it now. :rolleyes: You all take care, and keep smiling. If you get back to me, I will surely write back. Thanks for listening =) *~

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