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I would demand an MRI and ask for it with and without contrast. I have a pituitary tumor. The pituitary gland is located on the bottom of the brain right in between the eyes and can cause visual disturbances, but to see it you must have an MRI done with and without contrast, an injection. Your symptoms sound simlar ecxept that all your blood work came back normal. Did they test your thyroid hormones or your prolactin? These would be an indication of a pituitary tumor along with the following symptoms:
Visual changes
Personality changes
Decreased sexual interest
Irritability/Mood swings
Enlarged jaw and facial bones
Hair changes
Loss of body hair
Coarse, thin head hair
Thinning of eyebrows
Temperature sensitivity
Low blood pressure or High blood pressure
Impaired sense of smell
Changes in weight
Loss of sleep
Memory Loss
[B]In women:[/B]
Cessation of menses
Abnormal nipple discharge
Excessive body hair
[B]In men:[/B]
Breast development

I only have about 1/3 of these symptoms and most of my blood tests were normal until after my MRI when I went to see an endoranologist who did a thorough blood work up and found my hormones completely out of wack. Please keep us all posted. I hope I have helped.

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