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Hi all, I'm new to this board.

I'm a 20 year old male, generally healthy (just had a blood test and everrything came out
normal). The reason I had a blood test was because I was having weird symptoms and not sure what they were. They were really freaking me out and maybe they became worse because I was only thinking about that. OK, well anyways, it started about 1 month ago when I got this pressure type pain (not excruciating) under my jaw on my right side. It hurt when I talked and when I swallowed. That went away after a few hours. Then a week after that it came back but in a much reduced form. It was pretty constant coming on about 5-6 times a day. That was really stressinbg me out and then I started getting neck tightness and pain. Once again not excruciating but nonetheless it was there. I kept getting massages and stuff and it helped temporarily. The more I thought about it the worse it got. The doctor said it was muscular and stress related (i'm a VERY stressed person when it comes to my health). Although I am a very stressed person I don't believe all of it is stress related. Anyways, ever since then I haven't been sleeping all that well because of the stress I feel becasue of this. Now, 2 weeks after this, my jaw pain and neck pain is almost all gone but I started to get other symptoms. I would feel as if I would have bruises in back of my eye, once again not extremely painful but still there. It's a feeling i've gotten before when I get tired and i'm sure most of you have gotten it too. Anyways, that goes away throughout the course of the day. Another thing is that I get a tightening type feeling in my jaw and back of my head sometimes. If I grind my teeth I feel as if they are sensitive and it causes slight more pain. The pain in my head is almost like a headache but not. It's a kind of pressure predominantely in the back of my head. This usually goes away after a few hours too and is almost always present when I get pain in my jaw. Also, I would feel light-headed at times, almost as if it would take my eyes a few minutes to adjust to wat I was looking at. Nothing major again but still worrysome for me anyways. Once again mayube stress related? Now, as of a few days ago my symptoms have been slowly getting better (no more pain under my jaw, pressure in my neck and head much better and less occurring, lightheadedness almost all gone) but I have been having another symptom now, almost the last one: I feel as if my whole body is vibrating or shaking internally. Not a huge shake or vibration but it's slight and I only feel it when I stay completely still. Is this just because I have been extremely stressed or is this a new symptom? I have been feeling this for maybe the last 4 days. All the other symptoms are much better though but still not completely gone. Another note, for the past month while I was having these symptoms, I have been taking Motrin almost every day for almost 3 times a day and they did absolutely nothing which leads me to think it's not muscular. On some days I tried taking Aleve and they also did nothing. Today and yesterday I decided not to take anything and I feel a little better. Also, during this time, I realized that when night time comes I get these symptoms more and I worry more. When I wake up in the morning I feel almost as if all my symptoms are gone but then they come back a little throughout the course of the day. When thye come and go is random but they come predominantely at night. They don't stop me from functioning normally just that they really stress me out. Should I be so worried? What could this be? Could it be stress or could it be something else? Anyone else have these type of symptoms? Please let me know something. Sorry for the long post. Thanks in advance.

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