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Hi Bill ~

I am not a doctor or a nurse or any type of medical professional, but what I can tell you is that you seem extremely stressed out. Stress plays a major role in our physical well being. I definitely hate dr's that attribute my physical symptoms to stress and anxiety, so I feel so very hypocritical saying this. But you are a young man... you should be worrying less about things. Veins have a tendency to get large when you are stressed because the blood flow is increased. The tightness in your chest could very well be a panic attack. It is a classical symptom.

Be sure to explain these physical symptoms to your doctor but don't be too stubborn if he/she refers you to a psychologist. Medication without counseling for anxiety/stress is not as effective. Nip this in the bud while you are so young. Don't lose precious time - especially at such a vital age - by worrying yourself to peices. Get this resolved so that you can go forward. THIS I can speak to with great knowledge and conviction.

Best wishes to you!
Hi Bill -

I posted to you once before...please go to a Lyme Literate M.D. Do not fool around with other M.D.s because the vast majority know nothing about lyme.

You are not crazy and I don't believe you are stressed other than the stress that your physical condition is causing you.

I spent 6 months hearing everyone tell me that I was just stressed, that I needed antidepressants and after finally getting tested by a lyme literate doctor and going through IgeneX labs in CA I found out that I have Lyme as well as two tick borne coinfections - Babesiosis and Ehrlichiosis.

I have experienced ALL of your symtpoms and more. The digestive disturbances were really bad, I lost a lot of weight all at once and then my appetite started to come back but it is still off and on. I would have insomnia, feeling my nerve endings just twitching, but I would only have two or three bad nights then sleep would be fine for weeks. It was all cyclical. I had the urinary tract disturbances fact this was occurring before and during all of it. I would have this kind of feeling like urine was leaking out of my bladder into my urethra...very odd feeling. The shortness of breath comes and goes and pain in my ribs.

Tick borne illness really plays games with your head and your emotions. Everyone thought I was nuts when I kept saying that my veins were popping out of my arms and legs. I would go do an easy yoga class and the veins in my arms looked like Arnold Schwartzneger's. I found out later it is the Babesiosis which can cause this - Babesiosis is a protozoan - it is a parasitic malaria like protozoa. It cannot be cured with antibiotics - an antimalarial medication must be used. So you can see if I didn't go to someone that new a lot about this stuff I may never have gotten the babesia under control and would have continued to be sick.

I did not have a rash and I do not remember being bitten. You do remember getting bitten.

Please find a specialist to go to and soon. Time is of the essence. The sensitivity to medications is another big tip off. I have a strong suspicion that you are dealing with lyme and Babesiosis...the shortness of breath, and chest pain, and veins popping out all sound like Babesiosis.


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