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I might add that in addition to the head pressure (which is of course the main symptom, the most noticeable in my "mystery condition), I also have a lot of digestive oddities going on.

Although this is not the board to describe digestive-type problems, I am hoping maybe the other side of the symptoms I'm getting can help someone make a connection and come up with a better hypothesis about what I'm experiencing. If we rule out a blood clot, blood vessel damage, cardiovascular problems, or just plain muscle stiffness/spasms, there's nothing left to suggest (as I'm a healthy 23 year old male) wrong with me unless one of you can form a theory stemming from the "other side" of my symptoms.

I have *very* inconsistent bowel movements, extreme constipation (it was never this way before this condition began), inconsistent frequency of urination, occasional stomach pain.

The reason I am perhaps suggesting the problem is digestive in origin is because *all* symptoms are either changed or aggravated anytime I eat or drink anything, most especially with the use of stomach aggravating drugs, such as caffeine. Anytime I have a large meal, the pressure in my head gets worse; likewise with large amounts of caffeine. Amphetamines--especially the way I used them--are *very* irritating to the stomach, as well.

So if I got an ulcer, or a perforation in the stomach, could a whole set of strange physiological symptoms result? I read that if an ulcer goes untreated for a long enough time, anemia can result. I HAVE noticed, that when this condition is at its very worse, my skin gets very pale and "dirty" looking and I have NO appetite whatsoever, and I am *extremely* disoriented and nauseous. This is usually brought on by heavy use of drugs such as alcohol or amphetamines, but since I no longer use either, I have not had an episode like that since, where I'm unable to do anything for a whole day. But, I still am mildly disoriented at times every day, especially in conjuction with the degree of pressure in my head.

So, the question is, COULD a digestive problem caused by extreme stomach irritation possibly result in symptoms that occur all over the body, as opposed to just in the stomach area? I know very little about anemia, but I know it can be caused by ulcers.. could anemia possibly cause feelings of pressure in the head?

I am aware that not many of you really know much about all this, but I am trying every day to think of a better self-diagnosis for my problems, because I cannot afford to get tested for everything in the book--I have no health insurance BECAUSE I can't get fulltime employment with this condition, due to the unpredictability of the symptoms on a day-to-day basis.

My goal is to come up with a probable root cause for what I'm experiencing, so that whoever sees me has a better idea of the probable cure for the problem(s).

Please reply here with some insight, I am desperate for all the comments I can get. Please, anyone who reads this.

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