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I just don't know what the hell to do. ALL drugs make this pressure in my head worse. Paxil, caffeine, alcohol. And food. Eating anything makes it worse, drinking anything makes it worse. Amphetamines cause SO much pressure in my head that I no longer feel it, it transfers into my cardiovascular system and I start getting chest pressure and pains and cardiac arrythmia, etc. Any time I use heavy stimulants now, the pressure gets so bad that I can't feel anything with my head. If I touch my head when its like this, it feels like I'm touching someone else's hair, etc.

There's so many little variations and detours on these symptoms depending on circumstances, it'd be impossible for me to list them all. The only thing I DO KNOW for sure is that eating, drinking, and ESP. using drugs--ANY drugs--makes this problem worse. And that I have it every day, 24 hours a day, when I get up, when I go to sleep, when I'm trying to sleep (which SUX), when I'm talking to friends and family, when I'm in the bathroom, when i'm on the phone, and when I'm outside the house.

I can't afford to get even ONE MRI because of no insurance. My only chances are twofold: 1) Have my shrink prescribe something that is LIKELY to help reduce some of the pressure in my head, 2) Find out, from exhaustive research and hypotheses, what is MOST LIKELY wrong with me, and take it from there. Neither option has been exercised because of lack of supporting evidence that indicates any clear plan.

Those are my only two options. If he prescribes something like an anti-convulsant or a Flexeril and it doesn't work, then I'm again stuck with option two, which really sucks. I am NOT used to living life with physiological abnormalities that get in the way of thinking and doing things properly. I used to be fine.

I am so sick of all this crap happening to me. I want to give up, jump off a building, because i am just NOT myself with these odd symptoms holding me down all the time.

If there is a doctor on this board, or aspiring physician or neurologist, what could the link between INTENSE head pressure, chest tightness/pains, and inconsistent digestive problems be? Keep in mind that drugs make everything worse.

I know no one can tell me what I have. But I need some ideas. I won't insult anyone if you have an idea that I think is off the mark. I just need more ideas.

Please. Please? Okay.. pretty please?

thanx again

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