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Hi Bill, muscle relaxers did nothing for me when I had this problem. Only hands on kneading the knots and tension out by a therapist helped me. You can ask to have your neck, and upper back checked by a therapist or a neuro. BTW, these spots are called trigger poinhts, you need to ask specifically to have them checked. What happens if when they are pressed on, they bring on your symptoms, this is how they find out the source. Here is how the therapist explained it to me. When you have a deep muscle strain, where it is pulled or stretched too much, it tightens back up into a knot. Untill this is taken care of, the person will continue to have symptoms that come and go and move around, and this can and does go on for months and months, it did to me also. I spent months in therapy for my neck because my neck was in bad shap. I also had relapses if I over stretched these muscles again, yet ran to the doctor instead of therapy because the symptoms can really fool a person. I had no neck pain at the time I went back to the doc., just light headedness, pressure, dizzy spells. I had ignored very obvious symptoms of neck pain and stiffness weeks before this, so all it did was settle deeper ( I thought it went away ) and i then went on to have other less obvious symptoms, and running to the doc who thought i had a virus. The muscles in our necks are connected to our skull naturally, and when one muscle is knotted or strained, it pulls the ones next to it taut, and can be the cause of constant pressure. I had severe whiplash from a car accident, I had no broken bones, but my symptoms included many things I never would have thought of, such as light headedness, pressure in my head, a knot or lump in my scalp, an off balance feeling. If deep muscle problems are the source, no medicine will help, I know because I was in treatments for months. It may help with the pain a bit, but in the end, physical therapy by a person who does deep soft tissue work is what works best. I hope you find help. Good luck.
I might add that in addition to the head pressure (which is of course the main symptom, the most noticeable in my "mystery condition), I also have a lot of digestive oddities going on.

Although this is not the board to describe digestive-type problems, I am hoping maybe the other side of the symptoms I'm getting can help someone make a connection and come up with a better hypothesis about what I'm experiencing. If we rule out a blood clot, blood vessel damage, cardiovascular problems, or just plain muscle stiffness/spasms, there's nothing left to suggest (as I'm a healthy 23 year old male) wrong with me unless one of you can form a theory stemming from the "other side" of my symptoms.

I have *very* inconsistent bowel movements, extreme constipation (it was never this way before this condition began), inconsistent frequency of urination, occasional stomach pain.

The reason I am perhaps suggesting the problem is digestive in origin is because *all* symptoms are either changed or aggravated anytime I eat or drink anything, most especially with the use of stomach aggravating drugs, such as caffeine. Anytime I have a large meal, the pressure in my head gets worse; likewise with large amounts of caffeine. Amphetamines--especially the way I used them--are *very* irritating to the stomach, as well.

So if I got an ulcer, or a perforation in the stomach, could a whole set of strange physiological symptoms result? I read that if an ulcer goes untreated for a long enough time, anemia can result. I HAVE noticed, that when this condition is at its very worse, my skin gets very pale and "dirty" looking and I have NO appetite whatsoever, and I am *extremely* disoriented and nauseous. This is usually brought on by heavy use of drugs such as alcohol or amphetamines, but since I no longer use either, I have not had an episode like that since, where I'm unable to do anything for a whole day. But, I still am mildly disoriented at times every day, especially in conjuction with the degree of pressure in my head.

So, the question is, COULD a digestive problem caused by extreme stomach irritation possibly result in symptoms that occur all over the body, as opposed to just in the stomach area? I know very little about anemia, but I know it can be caused by ulcers.. could anemia possibly cause feelings of pressure in the head?

I am aware that not many of you really know much about all this, but I am trying every day to think of a better self-diagnosis for my problems, because I cannot afford to get tested for everything in the book--I have no health insurance BECAUSE I can't get fulltime employment with this condition, due to the unpredictability of the symptoms on a day-to-day basis.

My goal is to come up with a probable root cause for what I'm experiencing, so that whoever sees me has a better idea of the probable cure for the problem(s).

Please reply here with some insight, I am desperate for all the comments I can get. Please, anyone who reads this.

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