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I too, had alot of those symptoms that you are referring too. I had pain around my eye and twitching in my eyelids. I also had this shaky feeling in the mornings when I was tired. Once many years ago, the phone woke me up and I could not answer and could not move for about 5 minutes Years later after an episode of extreme anger out of nowhere, I was referred to a neurologist. Seems that alot of it was related to seizure activity. In my case, an EEG showed my seizure activity and the MRI showed that I have brain lesions. Dont know if the seizure activity causes the lesions or the other way around. Sounds pretty horrible, but from the research I have done, lesions seem to be pretty common. I always seemed to have problems when I wasnt eating right, drinking alcohol, tired, or stressed. Alcohol and sleep play a major role in seizure activity. I try to eat a high fat diet and was told 8 hours of sleep. I only drink ocasionally and sometimes if that combination is present, I will get the twitching again. Anyway, I take a seizure drug and for the most part, dont have any of those symptoms anymore. Try to see a neurologist and get it checked out. Good luck!!

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