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I'm a 20 year old male and i've had constant pressure in my head for like 8 months. The pressure seems to move around, sometimes its in the back of my head or in the front like behind the eyes and nose, i get sharp shooting pains from one side to also affects my jaw when i bite down the pressure gets worse. I've also been twitching like crazy in my legs, arms, and in my back which makes my whole body jerk, muscle spasms in the weirdest places like my forehead,nose,lips,tongue,inside my stomach, eyelids.

My stomach and around my lymphnodes(feels like its on top or around both hips) have a constant dull deep pain thats really starting to get to me
A week ago i took a nap and when i woke i couldnt move at all, i couldnt yell for help or start hitting the wall to try to get someone attention.Could this have been a mini stroke or something?

This stuff is really freeeking me out, i always assume the worse. I hope theres someone out there that could tell me what they think is going on or if they've experienced this before.


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