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Everyone says "go to the doctor", well I cant go to the doctor right now because I am broke and have no health insurance, its frustrating to know thats what I should do but just cant right now, so here is what is wrong and hopefully someone can shed some light...

About a week ago I was sitting at my computer and I just kind of felt out of it, almost like a tunnel vision feeling and got a slight dizzy feeling as well.

For the last week i have been feeling a pressure on top of my head, like a tingling, or like someone pushing down on my head, I dont get headaches and think im a pretty healthy 31yr old guy.

I sit on a computer typically 8-10 hours per day and many nights I will wake up in the middle of the night with a numbness on back of my head which goes away quickly when I move my head around, then I go back to sleep and im fine.

But this week has been a real pain, i just keep getting slightly dizzy, sometimes i feel i need to lean on something but I never fall down.

It seems to get worse if Im going into a meeting and know everyone is looking at me, then i say to myself "what if i cant get out of here and everyone sees me fall down, how emabarrising!"

I am not on any medications but do have a lot of anxiety, im always worrying that something is wrong with me, i dont know if im bringing this on myself but its really freaking me out.

Anyone felt these kind of symptoms before?


you could be describing high blood pressure. I recommend calling the local ems (ambulance service) often they will do bloodpressure checks free if you walk in the ones around where I live even hand out cards for record everytime you go they will mark the results. another hit the tomatoes They help equal out the blood pressure and can bring it down when I am in high stress I get the same situation. eventually it leads to migraines. then when I get calmed down It goes away. so I have learned the tomatoes do help. tomato sauce,soup,juice or eat a lot of tomato based dishes.chili.spagetti.what ever but hit them hard and see if it helps. try at least a serving daily if not more. so call the ems services and see if they do blood pressure checks for free.and good luck. hope to see how things turn out
Ok - I am starting to feel like one of those people that never notice all the Volvo's on the road until they buy one themself...

I was just diagnosed with Lyme disease and tick borne coinfections, Babesiosis (causes intense dizziness), and Ehrlichiosis. It was not easy getting diagnosed. A lot of labs do not run tests properly and most doctors think that lyme is overdiagnosed...the fact is it is grossly underdiagnosed.

I do not remember a bite nor did I get a bulls eye rash. My skin gets red a lot easier though and I got a chigger like rash that migrates and comes and goes usually when symptoms are worse.

I got the numbness in the scalp too when I was napping or sleeping. As well, numb extremities would wake me up in the middle of the night.

Anyway to spare you all the details of my health issues please check out the lyme board here on Healthboards. The fact that you were perfectly healthy and are now having these issues makes me think Lyme and coinfections. The anxiety for me with this stuff has been intense as well as insomnia that seems to come in cycles.

Take care and hope you feel better and get to the bottom of it soon.


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