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bainbridge20, your symptoms sound very similar to mine. I found out mine are allergies. The constant high feeling is pressure in the head caused by the allergens in the air affecting your sinuses. The occasional dizziness is the ear canal being blocked because they swell from the airborne allergens and the fluid cannot drain and is blocked. I actually have felt this way for a few years, some months worse than others. I spend most summers in misery and feeling drunk all the time unless I live on Allegra. I cannot think straight and wake feeling like somebody drugged me, and spend most of my days feeling bad unless the weather is colder outside. Winters are not as bad, but the symptoms are still there, just not as severe. Allegra is the only allergy med. that has helped me. I tried many recommended over the counter meds., but these just made me very hyper and kept me up half the night. I hope this helps a bit. You may want to try an allergy med. to see if this helps.

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